GIF’s / Graphonaute

French student Hugo Germain crafted these unusual gif’s by mixing actual footage with 3D tools such as After Effects to achieve it’s final effect. -@s_iravani

Soundsystem: Uncertainty / Jagwar Ma

Here are a series of remixes for the song Uncertainty by Jagwar Ma. The remixers are Cut Copy, Ewan Pearson, MssingNo and Charles Murdoch (our favorite one). Stream them all below and check out the official video for the original version at the header. -@s_iravani

Ads Libitum / David Redon

Ads Libitum is a project by French art director David Redon. The idea was to take famous pop culture songs and turn them into commercial ads. As he explains, the artist becomes the product, the song title is the slogan all combined in a vintage look and feel composition. The results are hilarious and clever. […]

Soundsystem: Petit Valley / ASAP Ferg

ASAP Ferg, takes us back to his homeland of Trinidad by releasing the track Petit Valley. Lord Fergie Ferg freestyles over Bunji Garlin‘s, Carnival Tabanca. Play the song below and check out Bunji Garlin’s video as well. -@s_iravani

Suspended / Chloe Early

In the 16th century, Saint Teresa of Ávila spoke of being visited by an angel, of “the sweetness of this excessive pain” as he pierced her heart with a golden shaft. Theresa’s words, and her canonization some 40 years after her death, led the prominent 17th-century artist and architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini to sculpt her […]

Let It Go (Official Music Video) / ASAP Ferg

A$AP Ferg aka Fergie aka Fergi Ferg aka Fergenstein aka Fergivicious aka Dope Lord aka Hood Pope aka Trap Lord –has unleashed the official music video for his latest single, Let It Go (NOT to be confused with The Mouse’s über-hit, Let It Go, performed by Adele Dazeem…urm…Idina Menzel, from Disney‘s billion dollar-generating mega smash animated, Frozen). Anyway, A$AP...