Khanada has mentioned Asian Jeffs as his little brother in his TikTok bio, but is it true?

Some netizens claim that Khanada and Asian Jeffs are fooling fans by calling each other brothers.


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YouTubers Khanada and Asian Jeffs’s controversy regarding their relationship has been going on for years. Their fans are in huge confusion as they cannot figure out whether they are actual brothers or not.

Due to their similar facial structure and profession, many people thought they were brothers, but after looking at their family background, they couldn’t be sure.

The gamers do call each other brothers but don’t provide any evidence to support their statement. They have not uploaded any family photos of them together.

Some of their fans ask them to upload childhood photos of them, but they have not received that yet.

Therefore, many people believe they are just fooling the viewers for fun or attention.

Recently, when Khanada clearly identified himself as the brother of Asian Jeffs in his TikTok bio, public confusion has grown even further.

Khanada and Asian Jeffs have more than 10 collaboration YouTube videos, where they identify each other as brothers

Khanada and Asian Jeffs have made many vlogs and game videos together on YouTube, most of which were uploaded within a year.

In many of their videos, Khanada claims Asian Jeffs as his little brother.

Some of their collaboration video titles include Carried My Brother To DUO CASH CUP FINALS; I Became My Brother For 24 HOURS, Carrying My Little Brother In NEW FORTNITE SEASON Pro Scrims, and I Tried Getting AsianJeff a GIRLFRIEND… (Vlog).

Further, there are also videos from other YouTubers claiming them as a brother, including Khanada and Asian Jeffs’s Ice skating video, which was titled AsianJeff and his older brother Khanada, and another video is AsianJeff brother Reveal.

Similalry, On 25 November 2023, Khanada uploaded a TikTok video where he was playing ball with Asian Jeffs, and the video was titled “Met my Little Brother.

In the video’s comment section, Khanada also replied to one user saying, “He’s my little brother 💙” where the person had said, “Bro Jeff is so short😭.“·

Apart from all these confirmations, their vlog, Khanada Meets AsianJeff IRL, uploaded on 15 September 2023, again confuses fans.

While going through the video and its comment section, it suggested that they were not real brothers. People claimed if they were meeting in real life for the first time, how could they be siblings?

When one user @MGJonasFN amusingly commented, “Seeing these brothers meet irl is so funny and wholesome,” along with a laughter emoji, one fan seemed confused and asked, “Are they actually brothers though? I can’t be sure since they’re always trolling.

MGJonasFN replied to his question, claiming, “No, they are trolling, ma boy. Sorry to be the one to burst the bubble.

After going through their whole relationship controversy and people’s opinions towards their statement, we think Khanada and Asian Jeff might not be real brothers. They might just be trolling around, as their fans say.

Additional Information

  • Khanada’s real name is Leon “Khanada” Khim, born on October 14, 2004. The American/Korean Fortnite player is currently 19 years old.
  • Asian Jeff’s real name is Jeffrey Chong. He was born on October 23, 2005, in the US. He is currently 18 years old, and his horoscope sign is Scorpio.
  • Khanada resides in New York, while Asian Jeffs lives in Texax with his grandmother. Khanada currently plays for the Dignitas.
  • Both Twitch star Khanada and Asian Jeff run YouTube channels where there are 289K subscribers in @Khanada, while Asian Jeff, @realasianjeff, has 1.35M subscribers.
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