Abi Carter has a grandmother named June Carter, but is she the same five-time Grammy-winning singer?

Abi Carter dedicated the song 'Welcome to the black parade' to her departed grandmother, June Carter.


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On the Sunday, April 14 episode of American Idol, the singer Abi Carter performed the song Welcome to the black parade by My Chemical Romance, dedicating it to her late grandparents, June Carter and Daniel Carter.

Since the singer Abi Carter revealed that her grandmother’s name is June Carter, many viewers assume she is related to the renowned late country singer Valerie June Carter Cash.

However, after looking at their family background separately, it is confirmed that five-time Grammy-winning singer June Carter and American Idol Session 22 winner Abi Carter are not related to each other.

Both singers come from opposite places in the US; where June Carter is from Maces Spring, Virginia, while Abi Carter was raised in Indio, California.

Late singer June Carter has five grandchildren: Joseph John Cash, Anna Maybelle Cash, John Jackson Routh, Jack Ezra Cash, and Tiffany Anastasia Lowe, but none include Abi Carter.

Moreover, Abi Carter also mentioned that her grandmother passed away in 2021, while the Cause I Love You singer passed away on May 15, 2003, at the age of 73, which proves she was not her grandmother.

Abi Carter wishes she could have spent more time with her grandparents, June Carter and Daniel Carter

In the American Idol audition, Abi Carter revealed that her childhood was beautiful with fond memories of her loving grandparents, June Carter and Daniel Carter.

After her parents divorced when she was at a young age, she started getting close to her grandparents.

In the interview, she also mentioned that she broke into pieces when her grandfather passed away in 2021, and after some weeks, she lost her grandmother as well.

After they passed away, she said, “I always thought I was gonna have more time with them.

In memory of her grandparents, she sang the song Welcome to the Black Parade, saying, “I hope that my grandma and grandpa can feel that.

Abi Carter’s singing journey started at an early age, as her mother, Andrea Carter, was also a singer. When she was still in the womb, her mother used to sing to her all the time.

Moreover, she mentioned that she started singing before birth, as her nurse reported hearing humming during the ultrasound.

From the age of 4 to 5, she started singing in public, participating in church choirs, and attending local talent shows.

Further, as she was born into a big family with seven siblings, five younger than her, she had to support her mother in raising young siblings as she was the second oldest among them.

Therefore, she even started singing in Palm Springs’s street and made money to support her family.

Abi shares a very close bond with her siblings: three sisters, Anibel and Ariel, and one sister whose name is private; three brothers, Cael Carter and Daniel Carter; and the youngest, Nate Carter.

Additional Information

  • Abi Carter was born to a religious Christian family in Indio, California, on July 31, 2002. Her full name is Abigail Carter, and her zodiac sign is Leo.
  • She was born into a middle-class family where it was hard to make ends meet. Therefore, she did homeschooling while her mother attended university so she could complete her graduation and support the family.
  • Later Abi attended California State University, from where she received summa cum laude in May 2023 with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.
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