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We are ringing in the new year with a new contest. The first twelve that correctly fill out and send back the completed crossword puzzle will win a The Superslice™  prize package. Just download the PDF of the crossword puzzle (download link below), complete it, save it, and email it back to info@thesuperslice.com. We will notify the winners after we have received the first twelve correct entries. Good Luck and Happy New Year!


NOTE: You can fill out the PDF digitally, just type in the letters. If you feel like printing it out and handwriting it, that would be fine, just make sure you scan the completed form and email it back to us. We encourage you to follow us on Facebook for updates.

We will be giving away pairs of these limited edition stunna shades to the first twelve that submit a correctly completed QR crossword.


  1. Appearance, aura or style. The most overused 4-letter word of 2011.
  2. LYF or TANG
  3. Not good or cool.
  4. Canuck interjection or punctuation
  5. Paris Hilton word
  6. Precedes White, Orange, Blonde, Pink, Blue, Brown
  7. Gatsby
  8. Joined the Jeff Beck Group as vocalist and songwriter
  9. An agency of the United States Department of Labor (acronym)
  10. Get by with a little bit of this from your friends.
  11. Pseudonym for German DJ and singer Sven Väth
  12. MTV Raps
  13. Word in X-Files slogan
  14. Not “they’re”
  15. Snoozer
  16. Not “your”
  17. Dubious
  18. They use Traktor
  19. State of residence of Gus Van Sant
  20. State of insomniac city
  21. Kevin Spacey played this in Casino Jack
  22. Everybody has one, also a popular tattoo.
  23. Kanye West nickname
  24. Trend
  25. Beverage or soda
  26. Slater of Bayside High
  27. Just Swoosh It
  28. Michelle Bachmann, Fishbone, “Lyin’ Ass _____” (see Questlove)
  29. 3-D sci-fi film starring pop singer and directed by Apocalypse Now guy
  30. Austin, SX__
  31. The amount of daily energy expended by humans and other animals at rest. (abbreviation) Charlie Sheen’s is ultra high.
  32. ATL trap rapper that can’t stay out of jail.
  33. Banger Records
  34. Shaun of the Dead director
  35. ____ 51
  36. UKceleb tabloid
  37. Dr. Seuss pusher
  38. Samuel L. Jackson is one of these, __MF, type of degree
  39. (500) Days of Summer actress is the part of thisPortland indie pop duo
  40. DJ, Tha Kyd, The Internet
  41. DOOM
  42. Never Forget
  43. 1990 miniseries where Tim Curry played a scary clown
  44. Ballers and rappers rock this
  45. Beats are by this person
  46. Homestate of Pharrell and The Neptunes
  47. _-N-Out, Animal Style
  48. The Man of MotU
  49. Wife ____
  50. ___  Tunechi
  51. Douglas Powers, Doctor, Father of Scotty
  52. Crime syndicate on The Wire, The New Day __-Op
  53. Combine this and “Flow”, get that money, ‘70s dance move
  54. Home of  the Ducks, land of trees, rain, hipsters, hicks
  55. Last name of Swedish singer, she can “get some”.
  56. Part of  title of Matthew Vaughn vigilante flick with Nicholas Cage
  57. Rapper/musician Speech was inspired to write the song after seeing his brother at his grandmother’s funeral. (abbreviation)
  58. Sign of respect
  59. Biggie track, “Sky’s the _____
  60. Scientology concept and term is derived from this Greek letter.
  61. In good physical condition.
  62. Shakira’s hips would never do this.
  63. Butch: “I think I cracked a rib.” Fabienne: “Giving me ____ pleasure?” Butch: “No, retard, from the fight.”
  64. Vinnie van Gogh didn’t need this.
  65. State ofSunshine
  66. Global conferences formed to disseminate “ideas worth spreading”.
  67. Describes this Sunday by LonelyIsland.
  68. Jay-Z alias
  69. Alexander McQueen profession
  70. Something you would hear in a dental office.
  71. ____trash
  72. Do this or lose it.
  73. First single released by Fiddy where he teaches people how to do this.
  74. Miles Davis album
  75. Skateboard company founded in 1990, Alien ________
  76. Midas element
  77. NE
  78. James Murphy indie record label
  79. Film directed by Doug Liman
  80. Also known as a remix
  81. Book written by the Material Girl
  82. Nickname of renowned art museum in the Big Apple
  83. UKdubstep elitist (last name), “The Wilhelm Scream”
  84. Email subject heading
  85. Christopher Nolan says goodbye to this winged creature after the summer of 2012.
  86. The time given by a clock carried on board a spacecraft (abbreviation)
  87. Celebrities usually retain the services of this type of agency (abbreviation)
  88. Wack, sucky, stupid, uncool, or unoriginal
  89. Couch potato focus
  90. Jim Jones’ (Dipset) “We Fly High” exclamation
  91. Alt rock band, __ La Tengo
  92. King of Pop
  93. The Creator, Wolf Gang leader
  94. Palestinian/Polish-American pop-culture junkie atGreendaleCommunity College
  95. It ain’t nothing but a number.
  96. Arbitrary
  97. The God of Love
  98. This might have come first.
  99. __ Inconvenient Truth


  1. For real? OMG! WTF?
  2. Legendary English rock band, song used for CSI: Miami theme song
  3. Depressing novel and film, The ____ Hereafter
  4. Don Draper, Walter White, Rick Grimes network
  5. Santa exclamation, rap video girl
  6. Idiocracy: Brawndo has this (singular)
  7. The best part of Thanksgiving. Everything else is this. Copasetic.
  8. See-through
  9. Hardware store chain
  10. Not “there”
  11. Not “their”
  12. Succulent plant
  13. “Louis CK is to _____ as Dane Cook is to un_____.”
  14. You’ll see this on The Layover or No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain
  15. Stand __ Me
  16. Abu Nazir is part of this world
  17. Hank Schrader is this type of agent
  18. If you’re regular, you’ll have at least one per day (abbreviation)
  19. Hip hop group of clue #93 Across, __WGKTA
  20. Prime Minister Pete
  21. __ be or not…
  22. Broadcast radio high-fidelity sound
  23. EwingfromDallas
  24. Bad Walter/Heisenberg show
  25. Address of your computer on the Internet
  26. Parisian graphic designer, animator and art director for clue #33. __ Me.
  27. Pack this when you go camping or else you’ll have to use a pinecone.  (abbreviation)
  28. Influential modern architecture, furniture, graphic design, fine art and film married couple
  29. The Willy Wonka Candy Company manufactured candy, Fun ___.
  30. FUBU is for and by…
  31. Halogen chemical element
  32. That shit ____.
  33. Excess of a set limit (abbreviation)
  34. Elevated television type
  35. Max Fischer: “I like your nurse’s uniform, guy.” Dr. Peter Flynn: “These are __ scrubs. Max Fischer: “__ they?”
  36. Christopher Moltisanti attended these meetings.
  37. Does not approve, Internet acronym
  38. Lindsay Lohan orientation, swings both ways
  39. Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway musical
  40. Rudyard Kipling poem
  41. Haydn, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Schubert, Mozart composed these composition types
  42. Comptonrappers
  43. __ Buddy
  44. SilverLake,Portland,Williamsburginhabitants
  45. Golden Age comic book publisher that was eventually absorbed by DC Comics
  46. Use a strap and you won’t get this.
  47. Indiana Jones is this
  48. _____ mortis
  49. I’m not a Mac.
  50. Increasingly used to illuminate
  51. George Clooney program
  52. Effortlessly
  53. I don’t care. ________…”
  54. Down Under (abbreviation)
  55. Black Mamba squad (abbreviation)
  56. _______ Stories, Spielberg
  57. Lana ___ Rey
  58. Ernie, Chuck and Kenny network
  59. ___cat
  60. Not Blvd, Dr, or Ave
  61. Last name of Duke Bros. ride
  62. In the Name of the FatherMichael CollinsThe Crying GameThe Devil’s Own
  63. Laugh response
  64. Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno come from here
  65. Brit sitcom, The __ Crowd
  66. The best culture website to ever exist on the blogosphere.
  67. Chick Corea album
  68. The sixth largest firm in theUnited States.
  69. Homer Simpson
  70. This will make you cool.
  71. Epoch
  72. Truthfully
  73. Jamie __, or The __ (UKmusicians)
  74. Adele homeland
  75. Music mag (initials)
  76. This film is not ___ rated.
  77. Hank Pym Man
  78. ___step or type of reggae
  79. Paul’s blue sidekick
  80. A business-marketing student organization
  81. ____-out food
  82. Nas dis song direct at clue #68 Across
  83. This will get you high,UKactress (last name)
  84. Obama keyword
  85. Handicraft
  86. LOLspeak, awful LA hip hop duo
  87. Part of Moët Hennessy conglomerate
  88. Debt note
  89. Sopranos state
  90. Quincy and Horatio Cane title
  91. International organization
  92. Bill Simmons report
  93. For example
  94. Jack McCoy title
  95. Turn me __, Dead Man
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