Paul Klein and Haley Anderson have not posted about each other for a while!

Paul Jason Klein songs represented candidness and openness of his relationships and love-life he had.


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Fans are missing the LANY band’s lead vocalist and guitarist, Paul Jason Klein, and his girlfriend of two years, Haley Anderson, in a single frame, as the couple were once all fan’s idols who even met each other’s parents and shared a close bond.

Paul Klein and Haley Anderson first sparked their dating rumors in early 2020 when Anderson posted their photo on her Instagram story on July 25, 2020.

Later, a fan page dedicated to the duo wished them a first anniversary on June 19, 2021. So, their dating timeline probably goes back to June 2020.

However, they have stopped updating the couple’s life, as the Instagram handle @paul.x.haley last posted their photos on March 24, 2022.

Many believed that Paul Klein and Haley Anderson had broken up, but the couple has not confirmed this themselves. Also, the singer and his girlfriend still follow each other on Instagram, so nothing can be confirmed as of now.

Before Anderson, Paul Klein was with singer Dua Lipa after they met at the British Summertime Festival in 2017. However, they did not last long since they broke up in January 2018.

Paul Klein’s sister, Sarah Klein, also still follows Haley Anderson on her Instagram

The American musician Paul Jason Klein is 36 year old, born to parents mother Teresa Klein and father Ricky Martin Klein on April 30, 1988.

Ricky Martin, 70, calls Richmond, Virginia, his hometown, but Paul is from Tulsa, Oklahoma. So, the Kleins probably shifted to Oklahoma later.

Ricky and Teresa have been together since October 1984 and are parents to a daughter, Sarah Klein, who is younger than Paul.

Sarah Klein is a celebrity hairstylist who won Miss Oklahoma on June 12, 2016, and often appears on Paul’s music recording set.

Meanwhile, she is one of the families whom Haley Anderson follows on Instagram after Paul Klein, although they have not taken any shots together.

So, maybe Paul and Anderson are trying to keep their relationship low-key.

Also, the New York Fashion Week model Anderson had Paul meet her parents during one of Paul’s live tours with LANY.

If Paul had really broken up with Anderson, he would have already dedicated a song to her, given the LANY singer is famous for his breakup anthems inspired by his real love life.

Additional Information

  • Paul Klein started the band LANY with his friends Jake Goss and Las Priest in March 2014, but keyboardist Priest announced his departure on April 7, 2022.
  • LANY (Los Angeles, New York) has given hit albums like Malibu Nights (2018), Mama’s Boy (2020), gg bb xx (2021), and A Beautiful Blur (2023).
  • Paul Klein’s estimated net worth is $5 million, all from his tours from 2016 to 2023. The recent A Beautiful Blur: The World Tour was set for June 2024, but his vehicular accident on June 6, 2024, delayed it.
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