Beginning this past Saturday, January 26th, Hong Kong’s Enterbay started rolling out limited edition high-end 1:6 scale action figures of the greatest of all time, Hall of Fame b-baller, Michael Jordan. These items will surely be holy grails in the toy world. With Jordan’s tight rein on the commercial use of his brand and image, combined with the eerie likeness of these figures –make these miniaturized MJs breathtaking.

The figures were immaculately sculpted with exacting detail, from the head and body, down to the kicks; this edition of figures are rocking Air Jordan Xs. The head and body were sculpted by Scuderia, with sculpt art and paint art directed by YJ.

The figures are limited to 2,000 pieces and are priced at $2,188 Hong Kong, which is about $282 US. As stated, these figures launched on January 26th and will trickle out through February 2nd (400 pieces on 1/26, 400 on 1/27, 120 on 1/28, 120 on 1/29, 120 on 1/30,  120 on 1/31, 300 on 2/1, 300 on 2/2, 120 om 3/2). The price point is almost a steal as these collectibles are a great investment and will skyrocket in value because of demand and scarcity. They’re already going for triple the price on eBay. About a thousand people lined up for the release on the first day in Hong Kong.

The figure comes with, obviously, the body and head (30 points of articulation), along with the Chicago Bulls uniform (the infamous #45 His Airness wore in his return game), the Bulls warm up suit, four pairs of interchangeable hands, basketball, stand and a pair of Air Jordan X sneakers.

Kudos to Enterbay CEO, Bill Tjhang, on this brilliant NBA x MJ x Air Jordan Brand collaboration. Enterbay has become an industry leader in the 1:6 scale premium figure game. They’re right up there with Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles. These are not your father’s action figures!

Very cool; as a collector, avid sneakerhead and Jordan fan from way back, these figures just make our brains melt. WANT!


pics via Ernest Chan, Hong Kong Figure Club and One Sixth Republic