The Grayzone journalist Anya Parampil is incredibly talented in her field


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At a very young age, Washington-based journalist Anya Parampil gained recognition as a journalist with a capacity that most foreign policy analysts do not possess.

She has raised her voice for a war-free world and has reported on criminal and economic justice since 2014.

Moreover, she has received the Serena Shim Award for her uncompromised integrity in journalism, where she exposes the challenging truth.

Recently, Anya Parampil has been spotlighted because she supports Palestine and is bringing out the current American economic situation in front of viewers, which most journalists her age are afraid of.

Key Takeaways

  • Anya Parampil is an investigative journalist who has been in the field of journalism since 2014.
  • She is private, so her details remain a mystery. But she celebrates her birthday on February 2.
  • Anya is married to Max Blumenthal and belongs to American Indian ethnicity.

Grayzone News’ journalist Anya Parampil is silent about her personal life

Anya Parampil is an investigative journalist and author working on the independent site The Grayzone News, founded by Max Blumenthal in 2018.

Before joining the independent news site, she worked as an RT America intern in 2014 and as a news anchor/correspondent in 2015.

Later, she ventured into writing and published her book Corporate Coup: Venezuela and the End of US Empire in September 2023.

Moving to her personal life, Anya has not opened up about her family, and her birth details remain a mystery.

But one thing is sure: Anya Parampil is an Indian American of mixed ethnicity who follows Christianity.

Looking at the post from Anya Parampil on her Instagram, Katie Snyder is her mother as she wished her on Mother’s Day.

Thus, it is her father who is from Kerala, India, and she has proudly said on her Twitter, “As the daughter of a Keralite, I’m proud of what our commie government has produced.”

However, his name remains unknown. Also, Anya Parampil posted a birthday post on February 2, back in 2015, so it is her day, but the year remains unclear.

Meanwhile, considering the author’s outlook, Anya Parampil is probably between the late 20s and early 30s.

As for her marital status, Anya Parampil has married her husband, Max Blumenthal, since 2020.

The couple shares similar interests as Max, an author and journalist, is working as the founder and editor of The Grayzone News.

He has also contributed as a writer for AlterNet, The Daily Beast, The Nation, and the New York Times.


Does Anya Parampil have a Wikipedia?

Despite gaining recognition in journalism and writing, Anya Parampil does not have a Wikipedia.

Where is Anya Parampil from?

Anya Parampil is originally from Kerala, India, with her mother being American and her father Indian.

When did Anya Parampil have her wedding?

Anya Praampil had her wedding during the COVID-19 as her husband, Max Blumenthal, posted their wedding photos on March 18, 2020.

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