Mother of two, Mollie Hemingway, says parents should keep their children off social media

Mollie Hemingway shares two daughters with her husband, Mark Hemingway.


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Popular Fox News journalist Mollie Hemingway is the mother of two grown-up daughters whose names are not publicly known yet.

In 2023, Mollie Hemingway made a comment about parenthood on Fox News.

An article by The Federalist stated that the 49-year-old journalist Hemingway says, “Parents need to love their children more and care more about them.”

In the news, she also focuses on children’s engagement on social media and its effects on their lives.

She claims these children are unaware of the consequences of what they write or share on the internet. According to Hemingway, children are not able to handle addictive technology.

Mollie Hemingway keeps the details about her children private

As we already know, Mollie Hemingway is very conscious of social media sites and their effect on people’s lives.

Therefore, she does not share any information about her parents, husband, and children on the Internet.

Even though she is active on Twitter, Hemingway does not reveal much about her life. Further, her instagram account remains private to date.

However, according to Wikipedia, Mollie Hemingway has been married to Mark Hemingway for almost two decades since they got married in 2006.

Throughout their decade-long marriage, she welcomed two daughters, whose identities and personal lives are kept out of the media.

As a passionate journalist, Mollie Hemingway did not quit her work even when she was pregnant with her daughter, nor after giving birth to them.

Currently, Mollie Hemingway is a successful conservative author, columnist, and political commentator. Further, she is also recognized as the chief of the online magazine The Federalist.

As a successful media personality, Hemingway often gets into various controversies.

Recently, there has been a rumor about Mollie Hemingway claiming she is pregnant and expecting a third child with her husband, Mark Hemingway.

However, Mollie Hemingway has not revealed any details about being pregnant in recent years. Further, there is no evidence to support the statements, so they are likely just people’s assumptions.

Additional Information

  • Mollie Ziegler Hemingway was born on August 3, 1974. Her father is a pastor, and her mother, Carolyn, used to be a schoolteacher.
  • She and her siblings and parents grew up in Denver, Colorado, U.S.
  • She studied at the University of Colorado Denver and received an economics degree.
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