After seeing a few baby bump pictures, it is evident that Renni Rucci is pregnant


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The rumor of 32-year-old American rapper Renni Rucci having another baby is surrounding all over the internet, as people claim she is pregnant.

After reading the Twitter controversy, a fan commented on her recent Instagram post asking, “So, are you pregnant? Because I know this is just airing, but it’s been shot! So where is the baby boo? 🫠🤗🤗”

Despite all the public controversy and rumors, Renni Rucci has not officially announced being pregnant.

But, by now, it is evident that she is pregnant, as in her Instagram posts, we can see her baby bump.

Key Takeaways

  • Renni Rucci is rumored to be having another baby in 2024.
  • After separating from her ex-fiance Foogiano in 2023, she is in a relationship with another rapper, Blacc Zacc.
  • Renni Rucci is the mother of two children, a daughter and a son.

Listen to Renni Rucci’s songs here:

People say Renni Rucci should get pregnant as she barely releases any songs

Recently, one Twitter user made a controversial comment on Renni Rucci regarding her music career, which has been a little down for a couple of years now.

On 17 April 2024, a Twitter user tweeted that Renni Rucci’s career was not going anywhere, so she should get pregnant.

It did not take much time for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s cast to reply to the arrogant tweet as she wrote back with a bold statement, saying, “Popping enough for me to sit at home with my feet up this long without being pressed to drop music and also able to have another child comfortably with or without a man… I would say my career is just amazing. KEEP WATCHING 💙”

On the other hand, some fans seemed worried, as they thought Renni Rucci would not make many appearances or release songs as she is rumored to be pregnant with a new baby.

However, Renni Rucci replied with her text, “Yes, y’all are! I was pregnant and gave y’all love you more.”

Bodak Yellow’s rapper, Renni Rucci, is the mother of two children, a son and a daughter. She shares a friendship bond with her daughter D’Couri, who recently turned 14 in 2024.

Now, as per her Twitter posts, she is having another one as she claimed, “I am so glad I can stop hiding my lil baby now 😂.”

Courtney Rene Donelson or Renni Rucci might have shared her new baby with her current boyfriend, Blacc Zacc, whom she started dating in September 2023 after her break up with ex-fiancé Foogiano.

Similalry, another well-known American rapper and YouTuber, Yungeen Ace, is also expecting a baby in 2024 with his girlfriend, Chloe Glass.


Is Renni Rucci pregnant?

After her recent posts with the baby bump, we can conclude that Renni Rucci is pregnant.

Who is Renni Rucci’s baby daddy?

There is no information available about Renni Rucci’s baby daddy yet. However, according to sources, it might be her new boyfriend, Blacc Zacc.

Where does Renni Rucci live?

Renni Rucci lives with her boyfriend and children in Columbia, South Carolina.

What is Renni’s nationality?

Renni Rucci holds American nationality, and she has Afro-American discent.

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