Sammy Teusch’s parents, Sam and Nichole, claimed he was the “Best kid with a wonderful personality”

Siblings of Sammy Teusch say, "My baby brother didn't deserve this."


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Sammy Teusch, a 10-year-old boy, ended his life after facing emotional and physical bullying in school, as reported by his parents.

Sammy Teusch used to study in fourth grade at Greenfield Intermediate School in Greenfield, Indiana.

The whole Teusch family was devastated by his loss at an early age.

They sorrowfully stated Sammy Teusch was the “Best kid with a wonderful personality” in a long post uploaded on GoFundMe, where his parents asked for financial support.

Through the post, released on May 6, 2024, the family has raised $52,376 USD fund in 11 days, compared to the goal of $30,000.

On the post, the family stated, “We want to give Sammy the memorial he deserves, to honor his memory and say our last goodbyes.”

Sammy Teusch was the youngest among his parents’ nine children

Sammy Teusch was born on February 21, 2014, in Fort Wayne, IN, as the youngest child of his parents, father Sam Teusch and mother Nichole Teusch.

According to his birth date, he had just turned 10 in February.

Further, a Greenfield reporter claimed Sammy Teusch has four biological siblings: twin older brothers, Oliver and Xander, who are 13, and a sister, Scarlett, who is 11 years old.

Moreover, Sammy Teusch’s parents had different families before tying the knot in 2012.

They welcomed five children from their separate families: Tyler Mills, Trever (Rebekah) Teusch, Nicholas (Brooke) Toebes, Matthew Toebes, and Mackenzie Teusch.

Overall, Sammy Teusch had 8 siblings, and he was the youngest among them. After losing Sammy, his siblings stated, “My baby brother didn’t deserve this.

His biological siblings also studied at the Greenfield Intermediate School in Greenfield.

Before that, Sammy studied at Weston Elementary School in 2023 and completed his 3rd grade there.

Before living in Greenfield, the whole family used to live in Florida. However, in 2022, after Sam Teusch started working as a Corporate Director of Engineering for MHG Hotels in Indianapolis, they relocated.

They were living a happy life and having a wonderful time together; as Nichole Teusch, Sammy’s mom, stated, “The six of us were always together.”

However, after their child’s sudden loss, grief and sorrow started surrounding their life.

In an obituary post, they emotionally describe Sammy, saying, “He was smart, funny, charming and deeply empathetic. He brightened the lives of anyone he encountered and was the life of the party.

Additional Information

  • Sammy Teusch loved being outdoors, hiking through the woods, climbing on rocks, fishing, and sometimes splashing in the pond behind their home.
  • He also had a white Great Pyrenees dog named Daisy, whom he loved to take for a run around the pond.
  • Sammy Teusch’s father, Sam Teusch, says his son’s su##ide was the hardest news for them and he states that he wants him to “never be forgotten.”
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