Shanin Blake amassed a sizable net worth through her hit song ‘Energy Vampires’


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Energy Vampires, a song by American singer Shanin Blake, was released in 2023, and now it has become one of her most-listened songs, earning her a handsome net worth.

It has reached 3,480,366 listeners on Spotify and 719K views on YouTube. Further, its popularity on TikTok is also rising significantly, as the singer even thanked TikTokers for over 10 million streams of Energy Vampires.

As per the sources, Spotify pays an average of between $0.003 – $0.005 per stream to its artists, whereas Shanin Blake has 228,545 monthly listeners on Spotify.

Shanin Blake’s income also comes from her social media sites, including her YouTube channel (55K subscribers), Instagram (1M followers), and TikTok (750K followers).

Further, other songs, including Stop Waiting a Minute, Bad Btch Energy, and Nature Song, are also increasing the popularity and net worth of Shanin Blake. She has become one of the rising stars of the Hollywood music industry.

According to her social media posts, Shanin Blake earns a substantial net worth by selling her songs and albums.

Recently, she shared a post announcing the sale of her first headline show at Moroccan Lounge in LA.

Even though it’s challenging to ascertain the exact net worth of Shanin Blake, she proudly declares herself a millionaire. One of her Instagram posts reads, “So to be able to say I am a Millionaire before 30 is insane.

Key Takeaways

  • Shanin Blake is living a lavish life after success in the music industry.
  • Her major income sources are her singing career, social media sites, and brand endorsements.
  • Shanin Blake declares herself a self-made millionaire as she goes from sleeping in the Walmart parking lot to having her private jet.

As the net worth of Shanin Blake booms, she shares her rags-to-riches story

Shanin Blake is a bonafide individual whose success was not inherited but earned through her efforts and determination.

She often shares her story of how she was raised by her single mother, who used to donate her blood to buy groceries for three children.

Shanin Blake also shared that due to her mother’s limited net worth, they had to suffer from homelessness and hunger.

Therefore, she often shares posts appreciating her mother for her struggles raising them and also proudly claims that she is now paying her mother’s rent, too.

Now, Shanin Blake owns Two Sleek cars worth around $55,000: a Ford Bronco, worth $65,799, and a Tesla, worth $76,380.

Further, she appeared standing beside a huge jet she claims to be her own, as she wrote in the photo caption, “Just a casual morning in my private jet.”

Shanin Blake went from sleeping in the Walmart parking lot to making ends meet. She has thrived personally and professionally, showcasing her strength and tenacity in adversity.

Blake goes on tours in different countries and cities as her songs and albums start breaking records.

Despite her childhood financial struggles, Shanin Blake now lives lavishly and posts pictures wearing fancy and expensive dresses while quoting, “I know My Worth; I know I Shine.”


What is Shanin Blake’s age?

According to her birthdate on October 31, 1994, Shanin Blake is 29.

Who are Shanin Blake’s parents?

Shanin Blake’s parent’s details are not available in the media. However, she did mention in her Instagram post that her single mother raised her after her parents divorced.

Does Shanin Blake have a child?

Shanin Blake gave birth to her daughter at 18. As her mother, Blake also raised her daughter by herself after her baby’s father went to prison.

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