Supertf girlfriend thought the streamer was homosexual at first!


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Supertf announced that he is dating and now has a girlfriend in his YouTube video, ‘This guy has a girlfriend and you don’t.’

Unlike his other videos, this particular one kicked off with a cameo by a girl, Timuko. Fans, in disbelief, flooded him with assumptions and questions.

One fan commented, “How much did you pay her?” Supertf replied that he hadn’t paid her anything. Meanwhile, other fans did not even think she was real, while the streamer said she was real.

Another one commented, “If he’s holding you hostage, just say the word we’ll send help. You don’t have to suffer like this. It’s International Women’s Day and he left you for Tekken.”

Moreover, some fans even thought the streamer had a crazy green screen and CGI. So, to make his fans believe him, Supertf explained how he met his girlfriend.

Key Takeaways

  • Supertf introduced his girlfriend Timuko in his Twitch live stream who lives in Japan.
  • Fans are in disbelief and making assumptious comments like she is not real and she is a hologram.
  • Supertf explained how he met his girlfriend in Japan. But even after than fans are not buying his story.

Supertf met his girlfriend in Japan, who thought he was homosexual at first!

In the YouTube video, Supertf gave insights into his romance life and how it started with his followers.

Supertf mentioned that when he was in Japan, he met Timuko, who later became his girlfriend. He described pretty much every detail that happened during their first encounters.

That’s when Supertf dropped one hilarious misunderstanding at the end! He goes on to explain why she ghosted him for three days and was reluctant to hang out with him again. It turns out she thought Supertf was gay and was not into her.

My GF’s reaction to the most recent video!
byu/Longjumping-Call2594 inSupertf

He added, “It was like a problem there!” and had background videos of him with his friend Sleepy hinting at homosexuality. For reference, Sleepy is a friend of Supertf who often hits on the streamer.

One fan commented, “‘She thought I was gay’ is an all-timer if I’ve ever seen one. Straight into best moments of 2024.”

Meanwhile, other fans did not even buy the story and said, “hologram technology is getting more realistic by the day!”

As the girl appearing in the video did not talk, one writes, “the reason his ‘girlfriend’ doesn’t talk is because Super hasn’t hired a voice actor for the 3d model yet.”

Meanwhile, another responded, “It’s crazy the lengths he would go to cover his secret relationship with Sleepy.”

So, though Supertf introduced his girlfriend, fans and the Twitch community are not buying it at all.


What does the TF mean in Supertf?

According to his fandom, the TF in Supertf means ‘The Failure.’ Meanwhile, some fans say it means ‘Terrifies Females’ while his friend Sleepy says it means ‘The Feline.’

How many times did Super win Owl?

Super won the Overwatch League Champion two times in 2019 and 2020.

Why did Super retire?

Super retired from professional Overwatch because he said it was emotionally straining for the preparation for the upcoming season.

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