Magician Justin Willman twin brother is just an illusion, as he does not exist!

The Magic Prank Show With Justin Willman is the magician's latest work and it received very positive feedbacks from the audience.


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Although the Google search box may suggest Justin Willman’s twin brother, in reality, the magician does not have one. Also, rumors of him having twins have been going around online for a while now.

Interestingly, the magician Justin Willman is also aware of the rumor and finds it humorous.

In an interview with Vanishing Inc. Magic, Justin Willman briefly talked about his alleged twin brother. When asked if he was aware of the Google autocomplete, he said, “I was aware of that! I love that.”

Then the podcast host, Damian Jennings, jokingly proceeded with the interview, asking if he was talking to Justin’s alleged twin brother.

Justin Willman twin brother: A playful narrative from fans!

It turns out that Google autocomplete did not just suggest a twin brother for Justin Willman out of nowhere.

Many of Justin Willman’s acts are mindboggling, which looks impossible if we look at it with the regular logic in mind. So, to make it possible and explainable, fans resorted to the invention of his identical twin.

With the idea of Justin Willman’s twin brother, many of his magics and tricks quickly become plausible to wrap the head around.

Meanwhile, there seems to be another reason behind the rumor about the twin brother as well. As Justin Willman tied the knot with his wife, Jillian Sipkins, fans began to ask him if he had a twin brother so they could date him instead.

Moreover, Google autocomplete also suggests a look-alike for Justin Willman! So, it makes more sense, isn’t it?

In one tweet, Justin Willman wrote, “Mark and I always get told we look alike. However he’s funnier and I’m magicier. So it’s all good.”

Nevertheless, Justin Willman’s twin brother concept seemed to get out of hand when his show Magic for Humans went viral.

However, in reality, Justin Willman does not have a twin brother, as per the official obituary and memorial website of his mother, Sonja Willman.

Furthermore, the page clearly states the Willman couple, Sonja and Robert, welcomed two children, Justin and Ashely.

Moreover, the Cupcake Wars host Justin took to his socials to announce the untimely demise of his mother, Sonja Willman. While doing so, he added family portraits with his entire family.

Those pictures show no hints of Justin having a twin brother. It only featured young Justin and his sister Ashely with his parents.

Therefore, the rumor about the twin brother is nothing but a playful narrative from the fans that explains Justin’s tricks.

Additional Information

  • Justin Willman got the mainstream spotlight after hosting and creating Netflix’s hit series ‘Magic For Humans.’ Besides that, he even went on to perform on many national TV shows like The Tonight Show, Ellen, Conan, and so on.
  • Justin Willman tied the knot with his wife, Jillian Sipkins, in 2015. Now, the couple has two kids: son Jackson Willman and daughter Rosie Willman
  • He was the original host of ‘Cupcake Wars’ before Jonathan Bennett took over as a host.
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