Sanna Dullaway, an artist from Sweden, has done something intriguing and moderately controversial. To promote her new business, where she digitally restores and colorizes old photographs, as a promotion, she has displayed her skills by transforming a series of iconic and emblematic black-and-white photographs. Using digital graphic editing programs, Dullaway has introduced a new energy into these photographs.

It’s fascinating to observe these famous and historic images in a literally different light and color. It is astonishing how these, originally, dramatic and somber colorless photos read so differently after going through her filter. Credit should be given to Dullaway’s eye for restoration and her skills as a photo retoucher. She tastefully introduces a cleanliness and modernity, yet still manages to maintain substantial character within these images; breathing in new life while abstaining from sterility. Dare we say, she elevates them to a sensual and accessible plane.

Check out her series of digitally restored historic photographs, along with a few renditions of her own family members. As a bonus, also Included are some photo transformations that were requested by Reddit users. Enjoyable stuff, eat it up…


(Source: PetaPixel. Click images to enlarge and also be sure to check out Sanna’s site, And, by all means, submit a project to her. She is the best in the business, I highly recommend!)

Abandoned boy after the London bombings

Albert Einstein

Alfred Hitchcock

Anne Frank

Attack on Pearl Harbor

Charles Darwin

Charlie Chaplin

Che Guevara

Dorothy Counts

Harvest of Death

Mark Twain

Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange

Operation Crossroads Baker at the Bikini Atoll

The American Dream

The Burning Monk

Theodore Roosevelt