Richard Gadd traumatic relationship led to the birth of the real-life-inspired series Baby Reindeer!

Richard Gadd leads a single life as of now, which seems plausible given his traumatic love experiences.


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The comedian Richard Gadd plays the role of his real-life-inspired character, Donny Dunn, in the true-story-based series Baby Reindeer. In the series, he shows his complex relationship with Keeley, Teri, and Darrien.

Baby Reindeer was initially Richard’s one-man show, which premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2019, leading it to win two awards: Scotsman Fringe First Award for New Writing and Stage Award for Acting Excellence.

The show received acclamation from viewers, letting him bring the story in the form of a series, where Richard Gadd has poured every bit of his life.

It includes being stalked by a middle-aged woman, sexuality acceptance, and breakups with his girlfriends, all because of a stalker, Martha, as per Baby Reindeer.

Richard Gadd had a mental breakdown due to an entangled relationship!

The story of Richard Gadd shocked everyone as soon as the series Baby Reindeer premiered on Netflix on April 11, 2024, as many did not believe it was a real-life story.

Before the release, Richard Gadd was private about his personal life, mainly regarding family and relationships.

There is no news about Richard Gadd having a wife or girlfriend as of 2024 since his achievements overshadowed his romantic life on Instagram.

However, in the series, it is visible that Richard Gadd’s character, Donny Dunn, faces threats from a middle-aged woman, Martha, played by Jessica Gunning, which might be why he stays away from a serious relationship.

Martha destroyed Richard, aka Donny’s peace, in 2015, when he received 41,071 emails, 744 tweets, and 106 pages of letters within four years.

She even went to torture Richard’s parents and girlfriend as she claimed herself as Richard’s partner to his close ones.

In the series, Keeley plays the role of Donny’s ex-girlfriend, who broke up before Martha came.

Meanwhile, from the series, it is visible that Richard Gadd did have relationships but could not continue because of one woman, which might be why he does not have a wife.

Following the story, Richard’s character even faces a harrowing ordeal with Darrien O’Connor, who was his mentor and abuser.

The sexuality of Richard Gadd holds the primary baton in his dating life!

As the series is a real-life story, it is plausible that Richard Gadd dated a trans woman, Teri, played by Nava Mau.

Although Richard has tweaked slightly to bring dramatic climaxes to the series, the people are all real, so Teri is a part of Richard’s life.

In the series, Nava Mau and Richard’s characters do not end up in a breakup, but they do face challenges because of his circumstances with Martha and his sexuality.

Meanwhile, it is open to the public that Richard calls himself bisexual and has performed gigs as a drag queen.

However, the revelation and acceptance of his sexuality came hard way as he had to do it without letting his stalker know about his presence in his parents’ home.

Nevertheless, Richard Gadd overcame his traumatic days, and getting the news of his having either a wife or husband would not be a surprise.

Additional Information

  • Martha receives a nine-month-long sentence and a five-year-long restraining order in ‘Baby Reindeer.’
  • The series Baby Reindeer got its name after Martha’s cuddly toy, a reindeer, which she used as a nickname for Richard, as he comforted her as her toy did.
  • Richard Gadd has not revealed his parents’ names, but it is known that his father worked in a lab at a university, and his mother worked at various jobs in schools.
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