Murdoch Mysteries S17 sparks Helene Joy exit rumors among fans


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Many fans of the Murdoch Mysteries noticed a very limited appearance of Dr. Julia Ogden, played by Helene Joy, in season 17, which led some to assume she might be leaving the show.

However, as of April 2024, CBS TV has not made any announcement suggesting that Australian-Canadian actress Helene Joy is leaving the show Murdoch Mysteries.

Viewers of season 17th of Murdoch Mysteries believe she is leaving the show as Dr. Julia Ogden has barely made appearances in the finals.

Further, the official did not make any statements disclosing any reason behind Dr. Julia Ogden’s recent nature of behaviors in the shows.

On the other hand, Murdoch Mysteries‘s viewers are making sensations on social media sites, including Twitter and Reddit, claiming they don’t want the show to end without its main characters.

One fan stated on Reddit that even though Dr. Julia Ogden’s character was a little frustrating, the rumor of Helene Joy leaving the Murdoch Mysteries was unacceptable to her, too.

She has been playing the role of Dr. Julia Ogden for the past 15 years, and the thought of having another person in her place has become uncomfortable and unacceptable for its fans.

However, as the authorities have not confirmed Helene Joy’s departure from the Murdoch Mysteries, she might not have been able to perform full-time due to her personal life issues.

Key Takeaways

  • Helene Joy less frequently appeared in the 17th season of Murdoch Mysteries makes people believe she left the show.
  • There has not been any announcement by the CBS suggesting her departure.
  • Some sources claim that as a mother of a young daughter, she might have taken some time off for her family.

Personal Issues of Helene Joy In the past, have made fans believe she is leaving the Murdoch Mysteries

It is not the first time Murdoch Mysteries fans have worried about its characters, such as Jonny Harris, Helene Joy, and Sarah Orenstein, leaving the show.

Similarly, Helene Joy has been working on Murdoch Mysteries since its initial release in 2008. During those years, her character, Dr. Julia Ogden, experienced various ups and downs, leading to her leaving the show for a few episodes.

Further, Helene Joy or Dr. Julia Ogden’s less frequent appearances in the scene raise suspicion among fans, which makes them believe she is leaving Murdoch Mystery.

However, her disappearance does not last long, as she is one of the main characters in the show.

In 2021, when Helene Joy was pregnant in real life, she had to take some leaves, so the showrunner, Peter Mitchell, also decided to make her character Julia pregnant.

Further, Helene Joy’s short disappearance from the show also occurred in the season 3 finale, The Tesla Effect, where her cast Julia decides to leave and move to Buffalo, New York, to work at a children’s hospital after things between her and William don’t go well.

Therefore, due to cast members’ personal lives and families, they had to escape some episodes, but they eventually came back after solving the problems.

Similarly, as Helene Joy is the mother of a 3-year-old daughter, she had to make some sacrifices in the show in order to provide quality time to her children.


Is Murdoch Mysteries season 18 coming?

No official announcement by the CBC suggests the release of Murdoch Mysteries season 18.

Why did Julia leave Murdoch Mysteries?

Helene Joy or Dr. Julia Ogden has not left the show to date. However, there have been times she took leave from the show due to her personal life, but later, she always returned.

Did Julia have a baby in season 16?

During season 16, Helene Joy was pregnant with her daughter Susanna, who was born just after Christmas in 2021.

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