Otis Pavlovic parents inspired his music career


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Australian singer Otis Pavlovic, who has been making a sensation through his music, revealed his parents inspired him to become a musician.

According to the artist, his father always used to play guitar and sing songs when he was around. Mimicking his father, Otis Pavlovic later became interested in music himself.

He started learning Guitar and singing by listening to other singers. However, he eventually decided to work on his songs.

Watching their son’s interest in singing, the parents of Otis Pavlovic compelled him to join his music class.

Key Takeways

  • Otis Pavlovic’s father was fond of music which inspires him to become a musician.
  • During the covid 19, he established a band named Royel Otis along with his friend Royel Maddell
  • The pop duo has released four albums within 4 years, and they have over a million monthly listeners on Spotify

Listen to Royel Otis’s most famous songs here:

With the support of his parents, Otis Pavlovic gained success at an early age

It would not have been easier for Otis Pavlovic if his parents had not supported his music career by joining him in guitar class at a young age.

Now, Otis Pavlovic is a rising star in the Hollywood music industry. Many YouTube audiences like his songs, which receive millions of views and streams every month.

Further, he crafts music with his friend Royel Maddell, who is also his age. Both having the same passion for music, the duo decided to open their band, which they named Royel Otis, founded in 2019 during the pandemic.

Over the years, the duo released around four albums, which include Campus (2021), Bar & Grill (2022), Sofa Kings, and Pratts & Pain (2024). They release songs in the alternative and indie genres.

The duo gained huge popularity through their songs, and they have 4.5M monthly listeners on Spotify.

Furthermore, in addition to singing, Otis Pavlovic is also a model and actor. He has appeared in movies such as Deep Water (2016), Bilched (2019), and The Code (2014).

Despite being popular, neither Otis Pavlovic nor Royel Maddell have revealed any details about their parents to the public.

Further, they do not share photos of their parents and siblings on their social media sites, which suggests that Otis Pavlovic and Royel Maddell are very guarded towards their family.


Does Otis Pavlovic have a girlfriend?

Otis Pavlovic did not mention having a girlfriend, so he might probably be single. Moreover, as he has just started his music career, he might be busy working on new songs.

What is Otis Pavlovic’s age?

According to the media outlets, Otis Pavlovic might be 24 – 25 years old in 2024.

Why does Royel Maddell not show his face?

As per the research, Royel Maddell was often physically sick with anxiety before gigs. Therefore, he feels safe and easily hides his face from the public.

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