Shai Davidai is the son of billionaire parents Eli and Zohara Davidai


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In the middle of the hassles, Shai Davidai’s parents Eli Davidai and Zohara Davidai, claimed to be billionaires, have been called out for their son’s illogical act.

Columbia Professor Shai Davidai is in trouble for bullying pro-Palestine activists and summoning them with an offensive anti-semitic honorific.

Israeli-American activist Davidai amused folks by throwing toddler-like tantrums while he was the one to blame for invading and tarnishing Columbia University.

He has even asked the National Guard to ignite the violence among pro-Palestine protestors. 

Consequently, the Columbia students have signed the petition to terminate him from the University. For some time, the college does not allow Shai to continue his profession.

Shai Davidai’s father, Eli Davidai, is a multi-millionaire businessman

Shai Davidai’s dad, Eli Davidai, is one of the giants in Israel’s business arena. 

Eli Davidai is the General Manager of ARC, the global manufacturing service provider of weapon components, rifles, munitions parts, and many more.

He has been the Managing Director at Quadrant Management Inc (QMI) since 1992 and is responsible for allocating investment on a proper platform and supervising the firm. 

In 2016, his company received an award for an AR-15 component and making an explosive device for a Department of Defense application.

Additionally, he maintains a harmonious relationship with Alan Quasha, a business mogul, CEO of Quadrant Management, and founder of Quadrant Security Strategies.

On the contrary, Alan Quasha is quite infamous for his settlement in Harken Energy with US Intelligence and Saudi Arabia.

Zohara Davidai, Shai Davidai’s Mother, Sponsored The Davidai Arrhythmia Center

As a chairman at Wizrom Software, Zohara Davidai hasn’t missed a chance to share her son’s Zionist posts on her social media account. 

She has owned Wizrom Software since January 1997 and became its chairman only two years ago, in 2022. 

Zohara Davidai studied civil engineering at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in 1975 and then joined Tel Aviv University for EMBA in 2001.

Along with her husband, Eli, the duo sponsored The Davidai Arrhythmia Center in Tel Hashomer.

Additional Information

  • Shai Davidai’s grandfather is Benny Davidai, a notorious strikebreaker and founder of El AI Airlines. 
  • Currently, the professor is 40 years old. Last year, in 2023, he was listed as a professor of Columbia University under 40 with the provided age of 39. 
  • He is married to Yardenne Greenspan, a writer and translator. The couple lives a blissful married life with two young children.
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