American Idol finalist Jack Blocker is not related to Dan Blocker though they share the same surname!

While Dan Blocker is a legendary American television actor, Jack Blocker is a young artist who has managed to reach American Idol's finale.


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American Idol finalist Jack Blocker is not biologically related to the late Hollywood actor Dan Blocker, though they share the same surname. The same surname is merely coincidental for these two personalities.

When many learned Jack and Dan Blocker hail from the same Texas roots, they could not help but wonder if they share familial ties.

But, from the looks of their family tree, there is no overlapping between them to show the connection.

Here is the list of tracks from the American Idol sensation Jack Blocker that you might like to hear!

Although there’s no official statement, information suggests Jack is unrelated to Dan Blocker!

Besides the same Texan roots and surname, there is no viable evidence that Jack and Dan Blocker are related by blood.

In addition, as per their available family tree, there seem to be no overlaps between their families.

The American Idol contestant Jack Blocker was born in 1999 to his parents, Truman and Caryn Blocker.

He is a Richardson native who has now made it to American Idol’s top 20 with his singing talents. The singer has three sisters and is married to his high-school girlfriend, Georgia.

Meanwhile, Dan Blocker was born to his parents, Ora Shack and Mary David Blocker, on December 10, 1928.

The Bonanza star was born in DeKalb, Texas, and grew up in O’Donnell, Lynn County.

He passed away on May 13, 1972, but is alive in the hearts of his four kids: Dirk, David, Debra Lee, and Danna Lynn Blocker.

Furthermore, a Facebook post with an old picture claims Dan Blocker had an uncle named Jake Blocker. This might be the reason many thought singer Jack was related to Dan.

Their families seem unrelated, even though Jack and Dan share the same family name.

That said, Jack and Dan Blocker could be distant relatives, given the high density of Blocker’s families in Texas in the late 18s.

However, with the available information, Jack and Dan Blocker are not related to each other.

Additional Information

  • Actor Dan Blocker had a sister, Ora Virginia Blocker, who passed away at the age of 11.
  • Dan Blocker and Dirk Blocker are related by blood as Dirk is the son of the ‘Bonanza’ star and his wife, Dolphia Lee Blocker.
  • Jack Blocker has reached the American Idol finale even though he got a second chance to earn his spot.
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