These are always fun. Retronaut, scouring Reddit and Minus, have gathered together this collection of photographs from the American Civil War which have been digitally retouched, colorized by Denmark’s Mads Madsen. The portraits, already beautiful and captivating, become increasingly accessible and almost contemporary with the careful, disciplined colorizing by the 18 year old. It’s as if these photos of Union and Confederate soldiers were taken today. Are we sure these aren’t just spot-on Lincoln, Grant, Lee impersonators and Civil War recreationists?

Hey, Hipsters, let this be the guide and inspiration for your next artisan beard style.

Also, be sure to check out Colorized Famous Photos by Sanna Dullaway, for a similar project.


(see a ton more of these colorized pics at Retronaut

President Abraham Lincoln (Union)

General Ambrose Burnside (Union)

Darius N. Couch (Union)

General George Henry Thomas (Union)

Major General George Edward Pickett (Confederacy)

Commanding General Ulysses S. Grant (Union, 18th U.S. President)

General Joseph R. Anderson (Confederacy)

Commanding General Robert E. Lee (Confederacy)

Major General William Tecumseh Sherman (Union)

Miss Walton, in a portrait taken by photographer Mathew Brady