Britt Pemberton, wife of Johnny Pemberton, is fond of arts and crafts


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Actor and former stand-up comedian Johnny Pemberton has been married to his wife, Britteny, mostly known as Britt Pemberton, for a couple of years now.

Although their exact marriage date is not revealed in the media, according to their Instagram post, they might have married in early 2019 after dating for a long time.

Further, Johnny Pemberton did not share many pictures of his wedding on social media sites, as he claims, “If you saw our wedding pics, your head would explode.”

The duo Johnny Pemberton and Britt Pemberton look like a perfect couple as they share a bond of friendship more than husband and wife.

They often appear to be posting each other’s funny photos on their social media sites.

In 2019, Johnny Pemberton shared pictures of his wife wishing her a happy birthday with the caption, “Happy New Year to the greatest coolest person I’ve ever known and love forever and ever.”

Despite their over two-three years of marriage, the couple has not welcomed any children yet as they both seem focused on their separate careers.

Johnny Pemberton, 42, is currently busy with his new movie Fallout premiere, where he played the role of Thaddeus along with other actors Dave Register (Chet), Aaron Moten (Maximus), Ella Purnell (Lucy MacLean), and many others.

On the other hand, unlike Johnny Pemberton, his wife Britt Pemberton is busy in her own world, creating new art and sharing them with her fans.

Key Takewways

  • Johnny Pemberton’s wife, Britt Pemberton, is an artist passionate about building cute accessories by herself.
  • She also graduated with a degree in the arts with the decision to work in a similar field.
  • Britt has opened her own small craft business titled Sleepy Britt, where she posts her works of art.

Johnny Pemberton proudly shares the art works of his wife on social media sites

Britteny Pemberton owns Sleepy Britt Store, and Johnny Pemberton supports the career of his wife, as he often appears sharing her work on his social media sites.

Her official business website states that SLEEPY BRITT aims to create functional art that inspires confidence, positivity, and compassion.

Britt showcases her various art and drawings on her websites and earns a handsome sum of money from selling them at a good price.

Further, she has a YouTube channel where she uploads videos related to arts and crafts and shows her lifestyle as an artist.

Her interest in artwork appeared early, as she loved creating her own things. Later, she gets an education in a similar field.

She received her bachelor’s degree from a private university, the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, with a BFA in illustration.

Currently, Britt lives in California with her husband and large mutt dog, Rabbit, while following her passion in the arts industry.


What is Johnny Pemberton’s age?

Johnny Pemberton, 42, was born in 1981 in Rochester, MN. His horoscope sign is Gemini.

How much net worth does Johnny Pemberton hold in 2024?

Johnny Pemberton’s net worth is unavailable on the internet as he just started progressing in the Hollywood industry. However, according to his Instagram posts, he lives a lavish life with his family in California.

What is Johnny Pemberton’s podcast?

Johnny runs a podcast, Live To Tape with Johnny Pemberton, formerly Twisting The Wind, which has over 300 episodes.

What are Johnny Pemberton’s movies?

Johnny Pemberton’s most famous works include In the Loop (2009), Ant-Man (2015), and 21 Jump Street (2012).

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