Losing My Religion: Becoming Spiritualized at Coachella


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Without hyperbole, “Untitled”,  the collaborative  installation architecturally designed by emerging outfit, Undisclosable, was the installation of the Festival. It was immersive and transported you; a product of  intelligent conceptualization that was coupled with rigorous execution. An impressive level of layering and symbolism existed throughout the experiential walk-through.

Simply stated, it was an intricately layered container and placeholder for people watching. Half the fun was watching inhabitants have their mini-epiphanies along the way. Watching them bathe in pillars of clean, immaculately cut light as they were ushered through by an orchestrated field of what I deemed, “sonic pixels”. These pixels were isolated and deconstructed layers of the lullaby-like track, Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space by UK Band, Spiritualized. The top notch sound design left you hypnotic, dare I say, spiritual.


Huffington Post commented as the installation was unleashed:

…Almost eclipsing the anticipation of the new stage is the buzz surrounding the cathedral-like installation designed by Undisclosable architects called “Untitled” where director Jonathan Glazer and UK band Spiritualized partnered up to create a physical manifestation of their song “Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space.”

Stay tuned, for a future follow-up and exclusive interview with the principals of Los Angeles’ UndisclosableAlejandera Lillo and Bryan Flaig.

The “backside” reveal of the light wells under the translucent tertiary skin; Aluminet Shade Cloth. It was gorgeous in person. In the evening, it took on a futurist-deco sheen.

A series of five light columns emanating from tapered wells.

Users bathe in the warm light.

Muskan Ghimire
Muskan Ghimire
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