Cassidie Cottone is not Teddy Swims wife but his girlfriend, who might have broken up!

Neither Teddy Swims nor Cassidie Cottone have confirmed their alleged break up.


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Teddy Swims had all eyes on him when he posted Instagram reels and TikTok with his girlfriend, Cassidie Cottone, who many thought to be his wife. However, their present low-key relationship has led to speculation that they are not together.

R&B, soul, and country singer Teddy Swims rose to fame in 2019 by uploading cover song videos on YouTube and performing as the lead singer of the band Elefnvnts.

Later, he uploaded the cover of You’re Still the One by Shania Twain, which became his most trending video with over 160 million views as of April 2024.

Now, Teddy’s song appears on the Billboard Chart. He collaborates with artists like Armin van Buuren & Matoma, Marren Morris, Elley Duhé, and Meghan Trainor.

Meanwhile, amid the career breakthroughs, Teddy Swims fell in love with an artist named Cassidie, with whom he has shared moments since 2021.

Lovestory of Teddy Swims: Cassidie Cottone yet to be the singer’s wife!

Although Teddy Swims’ love life was never an open book, he has not mentioned marrying anyone, so the singer does not have a wife as of 2024.

Yet, as seen in her Instagram bio, the singer fell in love with his girlfriend Cassidie Cattone, who is an art dealer.


Here’s to 6 months and the rest of our life’s together ❤️ you’re the best man, cat daddy, friend, I could ever have. I’m so blessed to have found you and my days are just 100% better and complete with you in them. You make life so light and beautiful. I love you to the moon baby. Happy Valentine’s Day and 6 months ❤️❤️❤️❤️

♬ For the Rest of Your Life – Teddy Swims

Cassidie uploaded a TikTok video on their six-month anniversary, February 15, 2022. So, they probably started dating in August 2021.

Fans adored the duo because they looked cool in their multiple tattoos all over their faces and bodies. Also, Teddy loved the art created by Cassidie, as he commented on most of her art posts.

He even captioned one of his TikTok videos with Cassidie: “If you leave me, god rest my soul @Cassidie Cottone.”

However, Teddy and Cassidie suddenly stopped posting on their social media. Their last post together was on August 20, 2023.

Meanwhile, Cassidie was nowhere to be seen on Teddy’s Instagram posts from the beginning, but his TikTok was full of his love and dedication for Cassidie.

@teddyswims Shout out to the most amazing and supportive woman @originalcassket ! My song ‘Amazing’ comes out Friday on my ep ‘Tough Love’ #amazing #toughlove ♬ original sound – Teddy Swims

Also, before Cassidie became Teddy’s girlfriend, sources have said that Teddy Swims once tweeted about his wife leaving him in 2016, but he did not clarify the details.

So, whether it is the truth or media attention remains unclear, as his tweet is nowhere to be found.

The same is true for Cassidie Cottone. No news is good news, and many believe in waiting for Teddy’s official response to the rumor.

Additional Information

  • Teddy Swims has not confronted the wife rumor, and having a baby with his girlfriend is also not an option since no news has covered the truth. So, as of now, Teddy Swims has no children.
  • He recalls that at 16, he had a passion for tattoos, which emerged even earlier than his love for music. So, the only reason behind all the tattoos is that he has always loved them and will not stop soon.
  • Teddy holds an American nationality, born in Conyers, Georgia, on September 25, 1992.
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