Kephrii announced divorce from his wife Devyn in 2019 due to infidelity!

After his separation from his wife Devyn, Kephrii began dating a Canadian native Nadia Teresa.


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Based on one of his Instagram posts, it is safe to say that American Twitch streamer Kephrii had been dating his now ex-wife, Devyn Breanne, since 2013.

The adorable couple then walked down the aisle, and eventually, on September 13, 2019, Kephrii took to Twitter to announce his separation from Devyn. He wrote, “You may have noticed I have been a bit distracted or not quite myself lately & that’s because Devyn & I are divorcing.”

Ever since the tweet emerged, netizens speculated if infidelity from Kephrii’s side was the reason why the married duo parted their ways.

Further, there was a broad reddit discussion on what had gone wrong between Kephrii and Devyn, and one reddit user wrote, “She says the divorce was “her fault,” which makes it sound like his cheating isn’t a big factor…I wonder what she did.”

Well, neither party ever came forward with the reason behind the divorce. However, if Kephrii’s divorce announcement Twitter post that says, “This isn’t easy to say, and I’m extremely hurt,” is considered, it doesn’t seem like Kephrii cheated on his wife.

Kephrii’s ex-wife, Devyn, is now happily married to her husband, William Espana

Five years on the countdown since Kephrii and Devyn dissolved their marriage, and both have already moved on from their past.

On October 17, 2021, Devyn married William Espana, a military man. The two are extremely happy being one another’s partners. On their second marriage anniversary, Devyn wrote, “I’m grateful that you are my husband! You’re simply the best, better than all the rest. I love and miss you ❤️.”

Moreover, Devyn and her now-husband have a daughter, Zivah Ann, born in December 2023.

Further, like his ex-spouse, Kephrii has also come out of his past. He is dating Nadia Teresa, a gaming video creator.

Additional Information

  • Born on March 18, 1994, Kephrii is currently 30 years old. His real name is Brian St. Pierre.
  • He is originally from Virginia. Before he pursued a gaming career, he served in the US Army.
  • As mentioned in his Twitter bio, he has done AA, BA, & MA in Intelligence Studies.
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