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Statoil Regional and International Offices in Fornebu, Bærum, Norway by a-lab:

A Modest Footprint

Fornebu area is in stark transformation from the former main airport to new homes, office space and public recreation areas. A major challenge was to balance the size and expression with regard to the nature and location, while also introducing new life and new impetus to the industrial park and the surrounding area. How to design one saw a meeting between an over 65,000 square foot office complex and the idyllic waterfront in Fornebu?

Flexible Solutions

A lab chose a form response that draws on the oil industry’s own structural forms: five equal lamellae that are designed to ensure flexibility for different uses and change. Slats are stacked and pulled back on the plot. The solution provides office complex a modest footprint, while creating a large common spaces between the plates and allows for public parkland on the outside.

A clear objective for the client group has been gathering organization in an effective and innovative office buildings. The building meets including ambitious energy requirements, has suspended cantilever of up to 30 meters and an advanced glass roofed atrium that only one of its kind in Norway / Scandinavia.

Agile Implementation

A construction period of almost 20 months required a very good design process and effective collaboration between the user, owner, contractor, architect, and all the other designers and executing. Statoil uses a central role in all phases of project development, which plan, detailed design of all major rooms and features, materials, colors, surfaces and lighting went through a decision process to use. The result is a project where users and owners and contractors are very satisfied with the result.

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