Trad wife Lilly Gaddis, aka llddis in Tiktok, fired from her job for using the N-word

Tiktok user llddis is current trending on social media for racial slurs in one of her videos.


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Recently, a woman from Wilmington, North Carolina, is getting canceled all over social media for using the N-word in a video.

Lilly Gaddis, a trad wife tiktoker who went by the name llddis in Tiktok, was under fire for using the words “broke a*s ni**a” in what looked like a rant video.

What’s more, after her company, Rophe of the Carolinas, found out about the video, it fired her from the job.

A marketing and sales manager in that company, she was let go after her employer released a lengthy statement claiming that they do not condone such statements in their organization.

Even after all the personal attacks and criticisms Lilly faced, she supposedly has not learned her lesson yet, as she is back hitting out on minority groups like LGBTQ, feminists, and immigrants.

She claims their lives would be better if they lived in the US and that they should be grateful and not play the victim card.

Controversies after controversies, Lilly Gaddis is on the news everywhere!

Lilly Gaddis is a resident of North Carolina, but no other information about her partner, parents, or family is available on the internet.

After the video of her spitting racial slurs was posted, it went viral pretty quickly, and llddis started getting hate almost instantly.

Tiktok eventually removed her video, or maybe she actually private it after getting so much hate.

Evidently, she doesn’t care about all the hate she is getting, as she uploaded another video claiming the same.

She also mentioned the First Amendment and her right to freedom of speech, which allows her to say anything she wants.

Being on the wrong side of social media will surely come back to her as people are now haunting her personal information.

As for her job at Rophe of the Carolinas, netizens reached out to her company and told them how they were harboring a foul-mouthed, racist employee.

This might have forced the company to take the said action.

Looking at her Twitter, we can conclude that she is not a bit apologetic about the behavior and does not regret it.

Look at one of her tweets,

But truth be told, some media are conducting interviews with her as if she were some kind of hero.

In her now-deleted LinkedIn profile, she also mentioned that she was a graphic designer, so switching her profession anonymously would be her only option.

As of June 17, 2024, Lily is gaining more traction and hate on online videos, and several videos reacting to her TikTok video are surfacing.

Also, people are searching for her husband online, but to no avail, as she remains private about whether she is married or not.

Her future is uncertain as far as physical jobs go, and she might not be hired by any company in the US anytime soon.

Additional Information

  • Llddis had 45.1k followers on her Tiktok before her account was deleted.
  • She used to post videos that sparked little controversies, but the recent one blew out of proportion.
  • She is currently active on her Twitter handle that goes by the username @llddiiss
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