Aemond Targaryen dies at the hand of Daemon in the book! The same fate will repeat in the House of the Dragon season 2

In the recent episode of House of the Dragon, Aemond Targaryen is still alive but Daemon want him dead.


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Inspired by George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood novel, the House of the Dragon series follows a similar plot. In the season 1 finale, Aemond Targaryen was responsible for the death of Lucerys, Rhaenyra’s son. According to the book, her other son is also destined to follow, although this has not yet transpired in the series.

Season 2 starts with the grief and revenge of The Blacks, led by Princess Rhaenyra (the chosen heir to the throne) and Prince Daemon (Rhaenyra’s uncle-husband), against The Greens, led by Queen Alicent Hightower and King Aegon II Targaryen.

In the first episode aired on June 16, Aemond Targaryen was the main highlight of the revenge and Daemon plot for the “an eye for an eye, a son for a son” ploy.

He hired the most violent and ruthless assassins, known as Blood and Cheese, and ordered them to kill Aemond (a slightly diverted scene as Daemon never mentioned Aemond’s name in the book).

But at the turn of events, the duo landed in Queen Helaena’s chamber through the rat-infested tunnels, where she was with her children, Jaehaerys and Jaehaera.

So, instead of Aemond Targaryen’s head, the Blood and Cheese took the head of King Aegon II’s toddler heir, Jaehaerys. However, the show does not show Maelor, per the book, as many assume he has not been born yet.

This has left fans to follow George’s book to find out what happens next to Aemond Targaryen, as those who have read the novel know the ending.

Daemon Targaryen assassinates his nephew, Aemond Targaryen, during the Dance of Dragons

The Civil War “Dance of Dragons” is the major event of the House of the Dragon. Significant tragedy fell upon The Blacks and The Greens during this event, destroying the Dragons and Targaryen family.

According to the Fire & Blood novel, the death of Jaehaerys led Queen Helaena to become depressed and unable to look after her younger son, Maelor. So, Alicent looked after him.

Blood and Cheese were under the radar of King Aegon II, where Blood accepted the sin under torture, and Cheese was never found.

Following the events, Rhaenyra took the Iron throne with the help of Corlys Velaryon (Hand of the Queen) and Daemon Targaryen.

Then came King Aegon II, fleeing with his two remaining children, Otto Hightower getting beheaded, and Aemond destroying the Riverlands to agitate Rhaenyra.

Daemon then marched forward to search for Aemond and his dragon Vhagar but was unsuccessful before Aemond called his uncle Daemon to Harrenhal for a face-off.

The battle between Daemon Targaryen and Aemond Targaryen took place in the Battle Above the Gods Eye, eventually leading to both dragons tumbling into the lake.

During the fall, Daemon jumped from Caraxes and attacked Aemond through the eye with his Valyrian steel sword, Dark Sister, leading to the death of Aemond Targaryen.

In the book, both of their dragons also died, with Aemond’s body still attached to Vhagar.

The moment will probably follow in the House of the Dragon, either at the end of season 2 or the beginning of season 3.

Meanwhile, if the director followed the exact plot of the novel, Daemon Targaryen would be responsible for Aemond Targaryen’s death.

Additional Information

  • The following House of the Dragon episode airs every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. on HBO and streams in Max. You can watch season 2, episode 2, on June 23, 2024.
  • House of the Dragon is the prequel series of Game of Thrones, which took place 200 years before the Game of Thrones.
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