Top 10 Statues That Cried Blood – Bring Me The Horizon

Top 10 Statues That Cried Blood presents the honest human experience with pain struggle and resilience.


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“Top 10 staTues tHat CriEd bloOd” is a song by Bring Me The Horizon, released on June 5, 2024, as part of their seventh studio album, Post Human: Nex Gen.

The song falls under the post-hardcore, pop-punk, alternative metal, emo, and nu-metal genres.

With Oli Skykes’s powerful vocals, the song delves into the composition of personal struggle, trauma, strength, and the fight for self-acceptance in the facade of overwhelming misery.

The song begins with the opening verse,

I guess that some of us
Are just born with tragedy in our blood
It's just basic chemistry
Or maybe all these open wounds
Is how the light gets into you
'Cause I'm starting to realise

The first verse presents a sense of ongoing, predestined suffering but also depicts a recognition that accepting pain can motivate one for personal growth.

Moreover, the song will take you on a journey of personal struggle and self-realization as it reaches the Chorus part, with the lyrics describing:

No one's gonna come and rescue me
I'm drowning in my sleep
The scars have got too deep
And no amount of love could set you free
The fight's inside, I'll take myself to hell and back
Tonight, we go to war

It illustrates how individuals must confront their own challenges; no amount of love can soothe inner turmoil unless they find the courage to address their trauma and battle the darkness.

The song further depicts that true healing comes from within and that external bases for redemption are vain.

As the song reaches the second verse, which expresses:

Someone put a gun
Straight to our hearts and paint the walls
With our love
There's a world of hurt in us
And maybe once we spill our guts
We can stitch ourselves back up
Yeah, I'm starting to realize

It presents the concept of love as a paradoxical situation that can bring both joy and pain and has the power to both heal and hurt a person.

The verse also depicts the potential of self-restoration if one shows the guts and determination to change things.

Furthermore, the bridge and breakdown of the song define some deep and meaningful lyrics:

'Cause I know that you're low
But once you hit the bottom
At least there's nowhere to go but up
Yeah, I know that you're low
But once you hit the bottom
At least there's nowhere to go but up
The hardest thing you'll ever know
Is there no love like your own
No, there's no love like your own

The bridge motivates listeners by providing a glance of hope; even at the lowest point of life, there’s nowhere to go but up.

Lastly, the breakdown part of the song illustrates the importance of self-love and finding resilience within oneself.

Overall, the song represents humans’ vulnerabilities and inner torments, how the darkness within them can make them suffer, and how accepting things can help them find the courage to keep going.

In addition to its deep and dark lyrics, the song also maintains an upbeat with catchy and energetic music.

Oli Sykes, Zakk Cervini, Lee Malia, and RJ Pasin wrote the lyrics. The song received critical acclaim worldwide and 1.9 million views on the official video.

Many listeners praised the song and regarded it as one of the best tracks by the band Bring Me the Horizon.

Suruchi Lohani
Suruchi Lohani
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