Elica Le Bon always stayed mum about her parents and family!


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Famous British singer and influencer Elica Le Bon was born in London, Britain, to Iranian parents.

Even though Elica Le Bon was born and raised in London, she often appears supporting her home country like her parents, as she shared an Instagram post writing, “We Want Peace” while referring to Iran.

Further, as an activist and lawyer, Elica Le Bon has raised her voice for the Iranian victims who lost their lives during the two countries’ wars.

Elica Le Bon’s parents are definitely proud of their daughter, as she has been doing so many things for her home country even though her parents moved to the UK long ago before she was born.

Elica Le Bon claims she is the daughter of Iran

Moonlight singer Elica Le Bon proves she is a proud Iranian, as she has claimed to be the daughter of Iran in her Instagram and Twitter Bio.

Her bio reads, “Daughter of Iran. Attorney, activist, artist, & other such labels that belie the illimitable dimensions of human existence.”

Further, after completing her education in London, she moved to the USA to practice law. After receiving her license, she has been working as an officer in a court in California.

Elica Le Bon has been a strong, independent, and confident woman, which she believes got from her father.

In a 2023 Instagram post, she shares her father’s text message, telling how strong he has been during the years fighting with cancer.

She wrote, “My dad, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer, has been as fearless, passionate, and outspoken as his daughter his whole life and is no stranger to attacks, especially from IR agents. Thank god resilience runs in my DNA. Darkness will never drive out light.”

Elica Le Bon feels proud to have supportive parents who are always by her side. She often shares pictures of her whole family on social media sites, showing her love and appreciation for them.


Who is Elica Le Bon’s husband?

Elica Le Bon does seem like a married woman as she shared an instagram post saying, “It’s hard to manage time when you have two different careers and families.” However, she never disclosed any pictures of her husband.

What is Elica Le Bon’s religion?

As she is an Activist, many believe she is Jewish, but she confirmed that she follows the Muslim religion as her grandparents were Iranian Muslims.

What is Elica Le Bon’s nationality?

Elica Le Bon holds British citizenship but has Iranian roots, as her grandparents moved to the UK as refugees.

Who are the parents of Elica Le Bon?

Elica Le Bon has not publicly disclosed the names of her parents due to privacy reasons.

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