Top 10 Brands In World Fashion To Style You Up in 2024


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Fashion is an art that helps people express their personalities and creativity; it reflects societal change and sets trends.

Fashion brands play a crucial role in style. They often make sure to keep up with the latest trends and provide stylish clothes, accessories, and shoes that can satisfy people.

Furthermore, world-renowned fashion brands like Adidas, Gucci, and Versace provide consumers with consistent quality and trustworthy products, ensuring their needs and styles are met.

Other well-known brands, such as Ralph Lauren, Blueberry, and Fendi, are known for their unique and aesthetic designs, which blend tradition with modern trends.

These fashion brands have also gained worldwide popularity and success in the competitive fashion industry by providing stylish products to date.

Here is the list of the top 10 fashion brands of 2024 that can provide you with a unique and stylish look.

10. Cartier

Cartier International SNC, aka Cartier, is a French luxury-goods multi-industry company founded by Louis-Francois Cartier in Paris in 1847.

Founded 177 years ago, the company manufactures, distributes, and sells high-quality jewelry, leather goods, watches, and sunglasses.

Furthermore, Louis Francois’ son Alfred took over the company in 1874, but Alferd’s sons Louis, Pierre, and Jacques established the brand name worldwide.

In 1925, Indian royalty, the Maharaja of Patiala, ordered Patiala Necklace and other jewelry worth Indian Rs 1,000 million(equivalent ₹210 billion, US$2.6 billion or €2.6 billion in 2023), which is regarded as the largest ever single order to date.

Until 1964, the company remained under family control; it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Swiss Richemont Group.

Cartier operates over 200 stores in 125 countries and has three historical maisons in Paris, London, and New York City.

It is regarded as one of the world’s most prestigious jewelry and watch manufacturers. It is known for its iconic designs, such as the Ballon Bleu de Cartier and the Tank watch, as well as its high-quality jewelry collections.

The value of the Cartier brand was approximately $12.5 billion in 2023.

9. Prada

Prada is an Italian luxury fashion brand founded in 1913 in Milan, Italy, by Mario Prada and his brother Martino.

Established initially as Fratelli Prada, a leather goods shop that sold bags, trunks, and travel accessories, the company gradually added various products, keeping in mind people’s changing trends and needs.

Furthermore, Prada is well known for its leather handbags, travel accessories, shoes, make-up products, and other fashion accessories.

With Miuccia Prada, Mario’s granddaughter, taking over the company in 1978, it took a positive turn by adding waterproof nylon fabric backpacks and expanding Prada’s house across other countries in Europe and the United States by opening its outlets.

In 1985, Miuccia released the “classic Prada handbag,” which gained worldwide popularity; Prada further launched its women’s ready-to-wear collection in 1988.

Miuccia also launched Miu Miu, a high-fashion brand and subsidiary of Prada, in 1992. The brand focuses on younger consumers and celebrities.

By 1994, Prada launched its first ready-to-wear menswear collection. With its growing popularity, Prada additionally partnered with LVMH to acquire a joint stake in Fendi.

Furthermore, Prada licenses its name and branding to Luxottica for eyewear and L’Oreal for fragrances and cosmetics, becoming one of the global leaders in the fashion industry.

8. Zara

Zara is a fast-fashion retail subsidiary of the Spanish multinational fashion manufacturing and retailing group Inditex, which Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera founded.

Established in 1975, Zara is a renowned brand that sells clothes, accessories, beauty products, and perfumes.

Zara’s headquarters is located in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain. Initially known as Zorba, the company sold affordable imitations of popular high-end fashion items.

During the 1980s, Zara updated its design, manufacturing, and distribution process to minimize lead times using information technology and teams of designers to adapt to new trends.

Zara established itself as a leading brand worldwide by providing reasonably priced stylish clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Additionally, Zara established its first beauty line, Zara Beauty, in 2021.

With its growing market demand, Zara has nearly 3000 outlets in over 96 countries and produces over 450 million items annually.

Furthermore, Zara has also been popular for preventing the use of dangerous chemicals, and since 2020, it has been selling fully toxic-free products.

7. Adidas

Adidas AG is a German athletic clothing and footwear company founded in 1924 by Adolf Dassler and his brother Rudolf.

Having its headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany, it was initially named Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik, “Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory.”

Furthermore, due to conflict and a breakdown in the Dassler brothers’ relationship, Adolf created Adidas, and Rudolf established Puma, which became Adidas’ business rival.

In 2005, Adidas introduced Adidas 1, the first-ever shoe to use a microprocessor capable of performing 5 million calculations per second that automatically adjusts the shoe’s level to suit its environment.

The Adidas 1 was known as the world’s first intelligent shoe.

Moreover, in 2006, Adidas took over Reebok for $3.8 billion, which helped it compete with Nike worldwide as the number two athletic shoemaker in the world.

Adidas announced an 11-year deal in 2006 to become the official NBA clothing provider. Since then, the company has produced a variety of athletic shoes and clothes for the NBA, WNBA, and NBDL.

Regarded as one of the global leading fashion brands in sportswear, Adidas also manufactures a range of clothing items for both men and women, including shirts, jackets, hoodies, pants, and leggings.

Additionally, Adidas is the largest manufacturer of sports bras in Europe and the second-largest manufacturer globally.

It is also a major company worldwide supplying team kits for international association football teams and clubs.

6. Nike

Nike, Inc., aka NIKE, is an American athletic footwear and clothing company founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight in 1964.

Initially known as Blue Ribbon Sports, the company took its name from the Greek goddess of victory, Nike, in 1971.

It is the world’s largest fashion brand of sportswear, shoes, and sports equipment, headquartered near Beaverton, Oregon, United States.

In addition to manufacturing sports products, it also operates retail stores under the Niketown name and sponsors many high-profile athletes and sports teams worldwide.

Currently, the company employs over 83,000 people and operates over 1000 retail stores worldwide.

The company also ranked 239th in the Forbes Global 2000 companies in 2024.

5. Dior

Christian Dior, aka Dior, is a French multinational luxury fashion brand founded by French fashion designer Christian Dior in 1946.

Its headquarters are at 30 Avenue Montaigne in Paris. It is controlled and chaired by French businessman Bernard Arnault, who also heads LVMH.

On 12 February 1947, Christian Dior launched his first spring-summer collection and gained popularity for changing fashion sense with his “New Look,” featuring full skirts. This collection revived Parisian haute couture after World War II, symbolizing luxury and femininity.

After his amazing success, Dior gained several well-known clients from Hollywood and many other US and European aristocrats.

With the establishment of Christian Dior Parfums in 1948 and the launch of its first perfume, Miss Dior, Dior gained worldwide popularity.

By the end of 1949, it expanded its outlet by opening a boutique in New York, and its first Dior shoe line was launched in 1953.

Additionally, its first lipstick was launched in 1955, and with Christian Dior’s demise in 1957, Saint Laurent became the head assistant and designer.

The company added to its stylish clothing collection with the debut of his first collection for Dior.

Furthermore, Marc Bohan replaced Saint Laurent, who launched the Dior perfume “Diorling” in 1963 and the men’s fragrance “Eau Sauvage” in 1966.

Over time, many other products, such as the Dior Homme clothing line, the Dior watch “Black Moon,” Haute Couture, and Lady Dior handbags, were launched.

Currently, the company operates a total of 535 outlets in different countries, including Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America.

4. Hermes

Hermes International, aka Hermes, is a French luxury design brand established by Thierry Hermes on June 25, 1837.

It is renowned for its leather goods, stylish accessories, home furnishings, perfumery, jewelry, watches and ready-to-wear.

Initially, Hermes established a harness workshop in Grands Boulevards of pairs that produced high-quality wrought harnesses and bridles for the carriage trade.

After Hermes’ son Charles-Emile, with the help of his sons Adolphe and Emile-Maurice, took over the company, he introduced saddlery and started selling retail products.

Expanding their business, in 1918, Hermes introduced the first leather golf jacket with a zipper made for Edward, Prince of Wales.

With Emile-Maurice adding to its accessories and clothing collections, in 1922, the first leather handbags were introduced, and its first outlet, outside the pairs, was established in the United States.

In the 1930s, Hermes introduced some of its most recognized original goods, such as Kelly bags and Hermes carres.

Over a period of time, Hermes has gained worldwide popularity and established its outlets across the world.

In recent times, Hermes has had 14 product divisions, including leather, scarves, ties, men’s wear, women’s wear, perfume, watches, stationery, footwear, tableware, gloves, enamelware, decorative arts, and jewelry.

3. Gucci

Gucci is an Italian luxury fashion brand founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921 in Florence, Italy. It is a subsidiary of the French luxury group Kering.

In 1921, Guccio Gucci started his business by opening a shop in Florence, where he sold imported luggage and also opened a small workshop to produce his own leather goods.

Furthermore, in 1935, when leather became scarce, Guccio Gucci was motivated to introduce fabrics such as raffia, wicker, linen, and jute into the composition of its products.

In 1937, Gucci launched its first handbags, With the help of his son Aldo Gucci, Gucci opened its new shop in Rome in 1938 and launched more Gucci accessories including gloves, belts, wallets, keychains.

Moreover, in 1947, Gucci launched the Bamboo bag and its first global tagline, “Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten.”

In 1952, Gucci launched its iconic moccasins and loafer shoes. After Guccio Gucci’s demise in 1953, the company opened its first US store in New York.

Gucci also opened stores in London in 1961 and launched the Jackie Bag. Later, in 1963, it opened its first French store in Paris, and the iconic double-G logo for belt buckles and other accessory decorations was introduced in 1964.

The company eventually became a globally known brand with product lines including handbags, ready-to-wear, footwear, accessories, and home decoration.

Gucci also licenses its name and branding to Coty for fragrance and cosmetics under the name Gucci Beauty.

For more than 100 years, Gucci has satisfied its customers’ needs and broken several records for selling more than one million products.

Gucci currently operates more than 500 stores, with over 20 thousand employees earning billions worldwide.

2. Chanel

Chanel is a French luxury fashion brand founded by Coco Chanel and Pierre Wertheimer in 1910 in Paris.

It has its headquarters in 5 Barlow Place London since 2018 and is privately owned by the Wertheimer family.

Chanel mainly focuses on Women’s ready-to-wear, Luxury goods, and accessories and licenses its name and banding to Luxottica for eyewear.

It is renowned for its No.5 perfume, “Chanel Suit,” and its cosmetics products, such as N°1 (skincare and makeup products based on holistic beauty and eco-friendly principles), La Solution 10 de Chanel, and Blue Serum.

Furthermore, Chanel handbags and unisex-style wristwatches have also gained worldwide popularity, and for 114 years, Chanel has maintained its brand image.

Chanel has more than 500 outlets worldwide, and in February 2024, it opened its U.S. flagship store for watches and fine jewelry on Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, New York City.

1. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Malletier, known as Louis Vuitton, is a French luxury fashion brand founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton in Paris, France. It is a subsidiary of LVMH.

LV’s product line ranges from luxury bags and leather goods to ready-to-wear, shoes, perfumes, watches, jewelry, accessories, sunglasses, and books.

Louis Vuitton gained popularity in 1858 by introducing his flat-topped trunks with Trianon canvas. By 1885, the company opened its first store in London on Oxford Street.

Today, Louis Vuitton is one of the world’s leading international fashion brands, operating in 50 countries with more than 460 stores worldwide.

From 2006 to 2012, Louis Vuitton was named the world’s most valuable luxury brand. For 170 years, it has been providing high-quality products to its customers.

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