Scott Porter says his parents, Butch and Robin Porter, were musicians and met in a rock band!

Albeit not biological, Scott Porter dearly loves his father, Butch Porter, and gave him the honor of best man in his wedding!


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The alleged ‘Gumball’ artist of The Masked Singer, Scott Porter, revealed his parents, Merle ‘Butch’ Porter and Robin Porter met each other via a rock band.

So, singer/actor Scott credits music to his parents’ union! He says, “My dad and mom were a drummer and a singer in a rock band, that’s how they met.”

an screenshot of Scott Porter insta post
On Mother’s Day, Scott posted an old picture of himself with his mother on his Instagram with a heartfelt caption.

Ginny & Georgia actor shares a close bond with his parents and considers them his biggest cheerleaders.

Furthermore, Scott Porter always celebrates Father’s and Mother’s Day every year with a celebratory post on his socials.

Scott Porter’s mother, Robin, raised him alone for most of the singer’s childhood!

The Friday Night Lights star Scott Porter, 44, was born on July 14, 1979, to his mother, Robin Porter, in Omaha, Nebraska. But the identity of his biological father is unknown.

As per Scott’s Insta post, his biological father left him and his mother without ever looking back. When Scott was five, Robin fell in love with Butch and got married later.

He grew up with his two younger siblings, brother Brendan and sister Ariana, in Florida.

Scott’s father, Butch, is also a musician and was a drummer in bands back in the 60s and 70s, as per Sioux City Journal.

After moving to Florida, he began drumming for the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Tom Eglin. However, as the Orlando Sentinel reported, he later worked as a phone technician for Embarq.

On the other hand, Scott’s mother, Robin, was said to be a singer, but not much information about her musical journey is available!

According to the same Orlando Sentinal article, she used to drive a school bus for Seminole County schools.

Taking to Instagram, Scott Porter wished his mother, Robin Porter, Happy Mother’s Day with a heartfelt caption and an old picture of him with his mother.

While thanking his mom, he wrote, “Momma, you raised me on your own for years, working two jobs, keeping the two of us safe, and fed, and LOVED.”

While many wished Scott’s mom, few fans commented if she gave Scott gumballs when he was a kid, referencing he is the ‘Gumball’ artist in The Masked Singer.

Additional Information

  • Scott Porter married Kelsey Mayfield in April 2013. The couple has two children: a daughter, Clover, and a son, McCoy.
  • In the ongoing season of ‘The Masked Singer,’ many speculate that Scott Porter is the Gumball singer on the show.
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