Anita Baker tends to cause a scene whenever there’s a concert, but why does she do so?

Anita Baker's last year concert at Houston Toyota Center also caused mess as the singer asked security to remove concertgoers from the show.


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Recently, American singer and songwriter Anita Baker made her fans furious by canceling her Mother’s Day concert just some minutes before it was scheduled to start.

In the meantime, hundreds of people had already gathered to listen to Anita’s soulful voice on a special occasion, but it turned out to be a disaster for them. Soon after, concertgoers began displaying their rage via social media.

One woman posted a video on TikTok expressing her disappointment towards Anita and said, “I’m pissed! Anita bald-headed a** done cancelled the concert. I have been waiting for her since January………Run me my money.”

Well, the reason for canceling the show is told to be “late, unforeseen circumstances.” Besides this, no other official statement has been released yet.

Singer Anita Baker has canceled her upcoming Toronto concert as well

According to Ticketmaster information, Anita’s upcoming concert, which was scheduled for July 2 at Scotiabank Arena in Ontario, Canada, has been dismissed.

First, the cancelation of the Atlanta concert and then the Ontario concert is quite a mess, right? Anita lately appears to have her prioritization over something else rather than her professionalism towards her audiences.

Meanwhile, the significant thing to look over is that Anita Baker hasn’t addressed her ticket buyer regarding any of those situations. This undoubtedly has led her loyal fans to contemplate her well-being.

Netizens appear to be concerned over Anita Baker’s health, wondering, ‘if she is okay’

Especially after her Atlanta concert was canceled, Anita Baker not only faced criticism but also gained sympathy and concern from her sensible fans. Many appear to link the matter to her health condition as well.

On May 12, 2024, a Twitter user, KayRie, tweeted, “Anita Baker hasn’t posted in 2 days. I follow her and she at least retweets if she don’t say anything herself. Let’s hope she’s okay fr.”

The tweet also drew people’s attention to the singer and songwriter’s age, saying, “Remember, she’s not that young.”

As the tweet suggests, there’s a high possibility that her health may have deteriorated before the concert; after all, she is already 66 years old. What to add further: let’s wait for Anita’s statement.

Additional Information

  • The legendary artist, Anita Baker is originally from Toledo, Ohio.
  • She was previously married to Walter Bridgforth Jr. Their marriage lasted two decades, from 1988 to 2008.
  • Anita is a mother to her two children, Edward Carlton Bridgforth and Walter Baker Bridgforth.
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