Paul Richard Soliz, who caught eye for Chateau Marmount incident with multimillionaire Britney Spears, is a contractor!

Paul Richard Soliz once complemented Britney Spears saying, 'She’s a phenomenal woman.'


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Recently, the news of singer and songwriter Britney Spears getting into dispute with her rumored boyfriend Paul Richard Soliz at Chateau Marmount hotel stirred-up the media.

As per TMZ reports, the couple, Britney and Paul, were together at this famous hotel on the Sunset Strip, drinking and enjoying, but eventually ended up in a physical altercation.

In the meantime, everything had gone out of control as sources report that Britney was screaming over hotel staff and threatening them besides her fight with Paul. It invited police to the scene and an ambulance and the media as well.

Shortly after, the half-naked picture of Britney taken by the outlets surfaced online, where netizens also identified Paul Richard Soliz standing next to the millionaire singer.

As soon as the photograph emerged, many appeared to scrutinize Paul’s background, especially his career and net worth. Well, meanwhile, as sources report, Paul is a licensed contractor.

Paul Richard Soliz once said, “I do a licensed contractor technique tile”

During an exclusive talk with US magazine, Britney Spears’ rumored boyfriend, Paul Richard Soliz, claimed himself as a licensed contractor. He further said, “I’m a working man. I own my own business.”

Paul and Britney’s first meeting also occurred after Britney’s team hired Paul for the maintenance of her $7.4 million mansion. But, over time, the two grew close to each other.

Since he worked for such a millionaire singer, Paul Richard soliz undoubtedly earned a good salary that contributed to his net worth. But as he couldn’t last longer as Britney’s employee, his fortune may not have surpassed millions.

Further, after his termination, several media channels claimed that Britney and her fling, Paul, parted their ways.

However, his unexpected appearance at Chateau Marmont with Britney almost a year after their break-up news has again dragged him into the limelight with several doubtful speculations. It especially submerged after sources revealed Britney’s close friends’ concern over her relationship with Paul, stating, “He’s been bad news from the start.”

Well, the worries also seem pretty authentic since Paul has had a criminal record from the past.

Additional Information

  • Born on May 13, 1986, Paul Richard Soliz is currently 38 years old.
  • According to Paul, he was married previously, but his wife passed away leaving a handful of children who now are with their maternal grandparents.
  • As outlets report, Paul has a criminal history, which includes multiple misdemeanors.

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Anuja Uprety
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