TikTok users claiming Lynn ‘Bryan’ Stacy and his wife Tanya deactivated their social media after airplane cheating scandal went viral

As TikTok user's finding, Bryan and Tanya reportedly has two children together.


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A few days ago, a content creator named Caroline Rened exposed a man cheating on his wife during mid-flight, sharing an incriminating clip on TikTok with the caption, “If this man is your husband flying United Airlines, flight 2140, from Houston to New York, he’s probably going to be staying with Katy tonight.”

As per Caroline, the man met Katy at the airport and has been together since then. When she noticed a wedding ring on the man’s finger, she felt it important to expose him and shared the clip on the Internet.

Ever since then, people have been following up on the case. Soon, they identified the man as Lynn Stacy, who also goes by the name Bryan, and tracked down his wife as Tanya Stacy.

Content creator exposing a man on TikTok
The man who is said to have cheated on his wife on the United States Airplane is identified as Lynn Stacy, also known as Bryan Stacy. (Source: TikTok)

Likewise, it has also been discovered that both the husband and wife have deactivated their social media accounts, as one of the TikTok users wrote, “His FB is deleted and the wives page, you can’t comment now,” beneath the cheating update post.

While Tanya Stacy has yet to address the Fort Worth cheating incident, many are showing overwhelming support for her on social media

Ever since the incident happened, people have heard nothing from Tanya Stacy, who is believed to be Lynn Stacy’s wife.

But, still, she is garnering overwhelming support from social media users with the fact that her husband cheated on her. For whatever happened, many felt sorry for Tanya.

TikTok account of Tanya Stacy
Tanya Stacy reportedly deleted her social media account. (Source: TikTok)

One TikTok user named Heather Paulk wrote, “Tanya Stacy so very sorry!! Lifting you up in my prayers for strength!

Likewise, another left a comment saying that she was absolutely sorry for how Tanya found out about her husband’s act and also wished her strength, writing, “Sending positivity and healing your way, Tanya.”

Well, in the meantime, it’s still unknown where Tanya is. She is nowhere to be found on Facebook or Instagram to give an update on her current situation.

Additional Information

  • Caroline uploaded the footage of a man cheating on an airplane on June 24. Three days counting, and it has already amassed views in millions.
  • As per reports, Lynn Stacy is originally from Texas, but the authentic information has yet to be provided.
  • Neither Lynn nor his claimed wife, Tanya, has addressed anything related to the footage. In fact, social media users tracked down the entire information about the cheating scandals that is available on the Internet right now.
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Anuja Uprety
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