Keith Papini says his ex-wife Sherri Papini staged the 2016 kidnapping because she wanted him to be her “knight in shining armor”

Sherri Papini was arrested in 2022 for faking her abduction and served 18 months in prison.


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Keith Papini has recently come out to the media talking about his ex-wife Sherri Papini’s 2016 kidnapping of Hox, which captivated the whole country.

The Californian native Keith Papini sat down for an interview with ABC journalist Matt Gutman and revealed new details about Sherri’s kidnapping hoax.

Further, he also talks about his personal feelings, saying he suspected she was lying by looking at her facial expression after she returned 22 days later from a fake kidnapping hoax.

However, after watching bruises and burns on her body, he did not let himself think anything negative about her.

Keith reveals the reason for his ex-wife’s faking kidnapping, saying, “It was born out of a desire for him to be her knight in shining armor.

Keith Papini divorced his wife Sherri Papini after her kidnapping hoax

As per Keith Papini, it took him years to finally believe his wife’s abduction was fake, whereas Sherri never shared the truth with her husband.

In 2022, the Department of Justice issued a criminal complaint, and Sherri pleaded guilty to lying and received an 18-month prison sentence.

Moreover, the husband reveals that his “wife has zero remorse” as she never apologized to him or his children, even after proving it was a hoax.

Consequently, the couple divorced after 12 years of marriage. They had two children: a son, Tyler, 14, and a daughter, Violet, 12.

Keith Papini is focused on giving those two kids the best childhood possible.

On the other hand, his now 49-year-old wife lives with her boyfriend, Shawn Hibdon, an auto dealer, in a lush, four-bedroom property in Shingletown.

It is just 30 miles from the home she shared with her first husband, Keith.

According to the Daily Mail, people spotted Sherri making out with Shawn outside their home just last week.

Further, Keith also shared that Sherri told their kids that she is going to author a children’s book.

Additional Information

  • Sherri Papini and Keith Papini tied the knot in early 2009, and the kidnapping incident took place in 2016, seven years after their marriage.
  • The report claimed her ex-boyfriend, James Reyes, helped her in faking the kidnapping and was staying at his house.
  • Sherri’s husband, Keith Papini, shares his struggle and experience living with his wife, who faked her abduction through a forthcoming documentary, Perfect Wife: The Mysterious Disappearance of Sherri Papini.
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