TikTok star Judyhoppsl0vr69, whose real name is Niklas Salah, faked his demise

Judy Hopps's sister Ashlyn confirmed he passed away in a tragic accident.


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On June 15, 2024, Niklas Salah’s sister Ashlyn uploaded a video on the official TikTok account of Judyhoppsl0vr69, confirming he had lost his life in a tragic accident.

In the following video, she first describes herself as Judy Hopps’s sibling and says that Nick has passed away after the tragic accident.

However, what was suspicious about her video was that she did not look sad while announcing her brother’s loss.

@judyhoppsl0vr69 Rip nik. You were loved. #fyp #judyhoppsl0vr69 #rip #disney ♬ original sound – Bradley Uppercrust III

She further adds that Judy appreciated the love and support he received in his TikTok journey and said to his viewers, “I just now that he is gonna miss every single one of you.”

Many people believed his prank and started paying tribute to him, writing RIP. The video has reached over 328.7k likes and 16327 comments to date.

However, after two days, Judy Hopps revealed on the same TikTok account that he was alive and fine.

Judy Hopps said the Walt Disney Corporation and the U.S. government forced him to fake his demise

After announcing his loss, he first showed his appearance on TikTok on 16 June in the 10-second blurry video in which he had written the letter H, whose meaning no one could find out.

Soon after the release of that video, viewers became confident that he was alive and pranking them, as per the tiktok comments.

Similarly, on 17 June 2024, he came in front of the camera announcing the reason why he pretended his d**th in a 1 min 18-second long video where he had captioned, “Like Christ, I have risen.”

@judyhoppsl0vr69 Replying to @oogly sorry. #fyp #ripjudyhoppsl0vr69 ♬ original sound – Bradley Uppercrust III

He starts the video by saying viewers must have lots of questions about him. He says many of the details are still blurry, and his memory is a little bit fuzzy.

Later, he comes to the point and confirms, “I am of the full belief that the Walt Disney Corporation collaborated with the US government To kidnap me.

He further shows anger toward the government for faking his demise to his friends, family, loved ones, and the entire internet.

However, his statement did not seem trustworthy, as he later confirmed that there was no proof but promised, “As soon as I do, there will be a lawsuit, and it will be a big one.

Judy Hopps, a famous TikTok user, said he faked his demise due to The Walt Disney Company, which had previously banned him.

Additional Information

  • On May 12, 2023, Niklas Salah, aka Judy Hopp, uploaded a tiktok video announcing that Disney had banned him for posting lewd images of Judy Hopps from Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Zootopia (2016).
  • Nik changed his name to Judy Hopp after his favorite character in the movie Zootopia.
  • Judy Hopp had 1.2M followers and 71M on his Official TikTok account, judyhoppsl0vr69.
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