Parents of conjoined twins Carmen and Lupita were told their daughters only had 72 hours to live

Among the conjoined twins, Carmen is said to be the restless one while Lupita is the silent one.


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Conjoined twins Carmen and Lupita were born in June 2000 in Veracruz to Mexican parents, father Victor Andrade and mother Norma Andrade.

The twins have four arms, two hearts, and four lungs, but as they share their lower bodies, they only have two legs. Carmen controls the right leg, and Lupita controls the left one.

Conjoined twins Maria del Carmen Andrade Solis and Maria Guadalupe Andrade Solis, better known as Carmen and Lupita, said that the doctors told their parents they only had 3 days or 72 hours to live.

Further, the twins also claimed that their doctor told their father and grandmother, “Pick one, or they are both gonna d#ie.

However, Victor did not give up on either of them and decided to move to the US, hoping their children would have an easy life there and could receive suitable medication.

Conjoined twins Carmen and Lupita say they have the best parents in the world

Many parents give up hope when the doctors say their children won’t be able to function like normal kids.

Their older sister Abigail said it was not easy for Carmen and Lupita as their classmates used to bully them by calling them spiders.

However, Victor and Norma fought for their daughters’ rights and decided that they would take care of them as long as nothing happened to them.

Even after 21 years of birth, Carmen and Lupita live healthy lives with their parents in Connecticut.

There are also people who admire them for their personalities. The house owner where they lived told the conjoined twins, “are very energetic, happy, funny babies.

Even though Carmen and Lupita’s lives were not as easy as those of other children, with the support of their loving parents, they received all the necessities needed to live normal lives.

They often share photos of their sweet family on social media sites.

In 2017, Lupita shared a beautiful picture of their father, wishing him a happy birthday with the caption that reads, “Happy Birthday to the best dad in the whole wide world, te amo mucho (I love you a lot)❤🎂🎉💕

There are also many pictures on social media showing the whole family visiting different places and attending events as they become famous internet personalities.

The conjoined twins Carmen and Lupita have learned to live beyond perfection and inspire many other people through their life’s struggles, which would not have been possible without the support of their parents and older sister Abigail.

Additional Information

  • Carmen has a boyfriend named Daniel, whom she met via a dating app. Meanwhile, her sister Lupita is not dating anyone as she wants Carmen to settle down first.
  • The conjoined twins have no plan to separate in the future; as they say, “Together, we make the perfect team.”
  • The oldest sister of twins, Abigail, is 5 years older than them and was born in 1995.
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