CNN Commentator Alice Stewart left millions of dollars in properties to her inheritors!

Beside her profession as a commentator, Alice Stewart was really interested in marathon.


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An American commentator, Alice Stewart, recently passed away at the age of 58. As per CNN reports, officials discovered her lifeless body in ‘the Belle View neighborhood in Northern Virginia’ on May 18, 2024.

Her passing was totally unexpected as Alice had posted a vibrant picture of her with her colleagues just a day before, on her Instagram.

In the post, she appeared absolutely happy and healthy, but unfortunately, she now no longer exists. However, her contribution to Journalism will be remembered forever.

After graduating from The University of Georgia with a major in Journalism/Political science and Government, Alice began her career as a local reporter and Weekend News anchor for Arkansas local channel KARK 4.

She then held several positions over the years before finally landing a job as a political commentator for CNN in 2016.

Alice Stewart’s position as a commentator at CNN must have earned her a good salary

The Emmy-Award-winning journalist Alice Stewart was a CNN political commentator for almost 7 years.

While sources state that the commentator earned an average salary of $90k annually in the United States, Alice must have bagged around $630k from seven years of tenure at CNN or maybe more, eventually contributing to her net worth.

Likewise, as mentioned on her LinkedIn, she was also a political contributor for National Public Radio (NPR) and a resident fellow at Harvard Institute of Politics.

Further, during her over two decades of journalism career, Alice was the communications director for Michele Bachmann, Ted Cruz, and Huckabee’s presidential campaigns.

She also worked as a Radio Talk show host and a press secretary for Rick Santrorum’s presidential campaign in 2012. With such a career graph, Alice Stewart undoubtedly accumulated millions of dollars to her fortune.

Alice Stewart didn’t have a husband or children to inherit her property

As per our information, Alice Stewart never mentioned having a husband or children throughout her life. In fact, the media reports that she was never married.

Since she never had her own family, her heir might be the subject of discussion. Well, going through her Instagram handle, we found that she was extremely close to her niece, nephew, and sister, Andrea Faker Schwind.

Just a month ago, on April 21, she shared a picture with her sister and nephew on her Instagram account, writing, “Fun work/play weekend in Nashville with my beautiful sister @schwindandrea and sweet nephew @jonathanschwind! God is good!

Over time, she has shared several other posts mentioning her nieces and nephews. Looking at all this, it appears like they have always been her family. So, there’s a lot of possibility that whatever Alice earned all her life will eventually go to them (her sister’s family).

Additional Information

  • CNN political commentator Alice Stewart was born in 1966 in Atlanta.
  • She graduated from Tucker High School and later enrolled in The University of Georgia.
  • Alice was a mother to her dog named Sammy, as per her Twitter bio.
Anuja Uprety
Anuja Uprety
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  1. Condolense’s go out to Alice’s family . Alice will certainly be missed. I am a loyal viewer of CNN for many years now. Every single day at some point in the day I have CNN on. Even though I am a dedicated Democrat, I have watched Alics on there many times throughout the years. She always seemed like a very nice lady. I always admired how nice she always looked, & her hair always looked so pretty.
    God Bless ūüôŹ

  2. Condolences to Alice’s family and close friends. I may not have always agreed with her stance on issues but certainly respected her insight. I will personally miss seeing her on CNN. The flood of tears from her co-workers says it all. She will be missed. RIP Alice.

  3. Rest in peace, Alice. Our lives are a click of our fingers and we must enjoy and love every moment of every day.
    She was a lady of integrity and she was respected by many.
    This is a true tragedy for many of her friends and colleagues.
    Let us remember Alice with love and respect.
    She will remain in the hearts of many.

  4. Alice Stewart will remain in my heart because she seems to be someone with integrity. She was very humble with a very strong personality and her own opinion but never her own facts. She was like a genuine fresh breath of air among all the fake news! RIP ALICE.


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