Top 10 Nick Pasqual Movies You Must Watch


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Gully International Film Festival winner Nick Pasqual is an actor and producer known for his role in Archive 81 and How I Met Your Mother.

Nick has also appeared in well-known TV series and movies, such as American Gangster: Trap Queens, America’s Most Wanted, The Road, and Rebel Moon.

Furthermore, Pasqual initially began his career at Universal Studios Hollywood as a Scare actor and then transited into a broader acting career.

With his versatility in acting, Nick Pasqual has demonstrated his talent in various genres of movies and series.

Here is the list of the top 10 movies of Nick Pasqual that are worth watching.

10. Halloween Avenue

Halloween Avenue is a short comedy horror movie directed by Devin Rice and Jacqueline Rice.

It stars Nick Pasqual, Chelsea Alden, Silvy Berman, David Corcos, Lauren Hamrick, Jack Murphy, and Lauren Hamrick in leading roles.

The movie follows eight friends who find themselves trapped on a block full of haunted mazes that are all real.

To survive, they are forced to trick-or-treat in this suspenseful Halloween setting.

Nick Pasqual can be seen portraying one of the eight friends, and has shown an outstanding performance in the movie.

If you are a horror movie fan, this short movie might be perfect to give you chills.

Halloween Avenue

IMDb ShortComedyHorror

8 friends are forced to trick-or-treat to survive when they entangle themselves on a block full of haunted mazes.

DirectorDevin Rice, Jacqueline Rice
Release Date2012
CastChelsea Alden, Silvy Berman,
David Corcos
, Lauren Hamrick, Amanda Laskin, Jack Murphy, Fred Ochs, Tristan Ott, Nick Pasqual
WritersDevin Rice
Runtime18 minutes

9. Becoming Pagliacci

Becoming Pagliacci is a short drama movie directed by Felipe Mucci and Written by Jo Henriquez.

It stars John McCool Bowers, Ty Fanning, Gibson Nolte, Nick Pasqual, and Megan Sheehan in the leading roles.

The movie follows Pagliacci, a sad clown born and raised in a traveling circus, and his journey as he wrestles with his internal struggles.

Nick Pasqual plays Pagliacci; with his outstanding talent and acting, he made a powerful impact as an actor.

Furthermore, the movie explores themes of loneliness and individuality and depicts the intricacy of human emotions.

Becoming Pagliacci

IMDb ShortDrama

Pagliacci, a sad clown born and raised in a circus, struggles with his inner feelings in his life journey.

DirectorFelipe Mucci
Release Date November 16, 2013
StudioAmerican Film Institute
CastNick Pasqual, John McCool Bowers,
Ty Fanning
, Gibson Nolte, Megan Sheehan
WritersJo Henriquez, Felipe Mucci

8. Remember the Days

Remember the Days is a short drama romance movie directed and written by Dennis Luu.

It stars Christina July Kim, Devin Leigh, Nick Pasqual, Alex Kats, and Alexander Kanish in leading roles.

The movie follows a shy teenage boy, Michael (Devin Leigh), who has a crush on a girl named Nancy (Christina July Kim) but cannot express his feelings.

Furthermore, the movie illustrates how Michael has to find the courage to protect Nancy from the school bully.

The movie is a sweet, short romantic drama that played in the Los Angeles and Vancouver film festivals before being picked up for distribution.

Nick Pasqual portrayed the role of Danny, Michael’s close friend and classmate.

If you love the romantic drama genre but do not have time to watch those long movies and series, this short movie can be the perfect match.

Remember the Days

IMDb ShortDramaRomance

A teenage boy, Michael, finds the courage to express his feelings to a long-time crush, Nancy.

DirectorDennis Luu
Release DateSeptember 8, 2007
CastChristina July Kim, Devin Leigh, Nick Pasqual, Donna Cherry, Malina Germanova, Alex Kats, Alexander Kanish
WritersDennis Luu
Runtime12 minutes

7. Jedi Gym

Jedi Gym is a short comedy movie directed by Timothy Kendall and Benjamin Koldyke.

It stars Lorenzo Deguia, Josh Drennen, Steve Faloon, Eric Gable, Nick Pasqual, and Eva Mah in the leading roles.

The movie follows Master Jeremy Flynn (Benjamin Koldyke), who opened Jedi Gym, a unique fitness center in Torrance, CA, where members represent Star Wars characters to work out, meditate, and improve their lives.

Frustrated with the students’ lack of commitment and focus, Flynn’s hope arises when a 7-foot man in an incredibly authentic Darth Vader suit arrives at the gym.

Nick Pasqual role is seen as a Wizard, one of the Star Wars characters in the movie.

This short movie can be worth watching if you want some good laughter.

Jedi Gym

IMDb ShortComedy

Master Flynn runs a gym where members represent Star Wars characters and show determination to improve their lives.

DirectorTimothy Kendall, Benjamin Koldyke
Release DateJuly 1, 2007
CastLorenzo Deguia, Josh Drennen,
Benjamin Koldyke
, Steve Faloon,
Eric Gable
, Nick Pasqual,
Eva Mah
WritersBenjamin Koldyke
Runtime6 minutes

6. Ninjas in the Shed

Ninjas in the Shed is a short comedy movie directed by Jave Galt-Miller and written by Greg Hendrick.

It stars Jesse Bean, Zach Callison, Ron E. Dickinson, Kenji Donville, Takuji Kuramoto, and Nick Pasqual in the leading roles.

The movie follows Ernie Jones (Jesse Bean), a struggling farmer who, despite his efforts, cannot produce enough corn to please his family and win the town’s annual harvest contest.

Furthermore, Ernie’s life takes an unexpected turn when two ninjas step in to help him out, helping him win the contest.

Nick Pasqual can be seen as Junior, Ernie’s rival and competitor in the harvest contest.

Ninjas in the Shed

IMDb ShortComedy

Ernie Jones, a small-town farmer, gets help from two ninjas to win the harvest contest.

DirectorJave Galt-Miller
Release Date2010
CastJesse Bean,
Zach Callison
, Ron E. Dickinson,
Kenji Donville
, Timothy Guest,
Nick Pasqual, Takuji Kuramoto
WritersJave Galt-Miller
Greg Hendrick
Runtime16 minutes

5. Homecoming

Homecoming is a drama thriller movie directed by Morgan J. Freeman and written by Katie L. Fetting.

It stars Mischa Barton, Matt Long, and Jessica Stroup in the leading role.

The movie follows a student couple, Mike (Matt Long) and Elizabeth (Jessica Stroup); things turn around when Elizabeth gets into a road accident and is taken home by Mike’s ex-girlfriend, Shelby (Misha Barton), during their homecoming.

Furthermore, the movie explores the tension and drama between these three, which unfold dark mysteries as they navigate their complicated relationships.

Nick Pasqual plays Danny, Mike’s friend, in a supporting role.

If you are into thrillers, Homecoming is a must-watch movie that is available on YouTube.


IMDb DramaThriller

Things turn around when Mike and Elizabeth encounter Mike’s ex-girlfriend, Shelby.

DirectorMorgan J. Freeman
Release DateSeptember 26, 2009
CastMischa Barton, Matt Long, Jessica Stroup, Michael Landes, Allen Williamson,
Joshua Elijah Reese
Nick Pasqual
WritersKatie L. Fetting
Runtime1 hour 31 minutes

4. Abundant Sunshine

Abundant Sunshine is a horror mystery thriller movie directed by Gerald Collette.

It stars Sarah Barton, Rian Bishop, Alisha Seaton, Nick Pasqual, and Megan Brotherton in the leading roles.

The movie follows the years 1987 to 1997, when a serial killer terrorized the community of Beaumont, Texas.

The mystery unfolded when an anonymous tip led the Beaumont Police Department to the home of Jonathan Rainer (Rian Bishop) and his wife, Betty Rainer (Alisha Seaton), where they discovered over 1500 videotapes in the basement, which revealed something horrifying: the homicide, of 12 victims all captured by assassin’s camera.

Nick Pasqual can be seen portraying Matthew Rainer, son of the Rainers.

The movie delves into the chilling world of psychopathic assassins, so if you are into mystery thrillers, this movie can be something you are searching for.

Abundant Sunshine

IMDb HorrorThrillerMystery

The mystery unravels when cops discover videotapes of homicide from the Rainer family basement.

DirectorGerard Collette
Release Date 2009
CastSarah Barton, Rian Bishop, Megan Brotherton, Carey A. Campbell, Nadjah Dabney, Nick Pasqual,
Alisha Seaton
WritersGerard Collette, Melora Donoghue
Runtime1 hour 46 minutes

3. Another Tango

Another Tango is a drama romance movie directed by Sean Michael Beyer.

It Stars Lexi Giovagnoli, Brant Daugherty, Sarah Blades, and Tomoko Karina in leading roles.

The movie follows Cassie Daniels (Lexi Giovagnoli), a former dance sensation who returns home to her small coastal South Carolina hometown after her mother suffers a heart attack.

Furthermore, she discovers that her family-owned dance studio is in serious financial trouble, so she starts giving dance classes.

On her journey to save her dance studio, she encounters Dean Rogers (Brant Daugherty), her high school sweetheart, and faces unresolved feelings from the past.

In the movie, Nick Pasqual is seen in a supporting role portraying Hadley Prescott.

The movie explores themes of love, nostalgia, and the power of following one’s passion. If you enjoy romantic dramas with a touch of dance, Another Tango might be worth watching.

Another Tango

IMDb DramaRomance

Former high school lovers reunite to save a failing dance studio in a small town.

DirectorSean Michael Beyer
Release DateMay 22, 2018
CastLexi Giovagnoli,
Brant Daugherty
, Sarah Blades, Tomoko Karina, Alejandro Razo, Nick Pasqual, Abbey Finch, Suzie Haines
WritersSean Michael Beyer, Kenneth Lemm, Elizabeth Snoderly
Runtime1 hour 22 minutes

2. David’s Dinosaur

David’s Dinosaur is a family movie directed by Mattew Charles Hall, which stars Richard C. Clave, Jack E. Curenton, and Sean Ryan Fox in the leading roles.

The movie follows David and his best friends as they discover a lost dinosaur egg in their grandfather’s house.

Similarly, things get exciting when the dinosaur egg unexpectedly hatches, and David, along with his grandpa Archibald and his best friends, explores the suburban neighborhood to track down a dinosaur and save it from Jackson Snide.

Nick Pasqual played the role of Clumsy Mover in the movie.

David’s Dinosaur

IMDb Family

David, his grandpa, and his best friends explore around town to search for the lost dinosaur.

DirectorMatthew Charles Hall
Release DateDecember 12, 2017
CastRichard C. Clave,
Jack E. Curenton
, Sean Ryan Fox, Brent Girtman, Peter Greathouse,
Nick Pasqual, John McCook
WritersMatthew Charles Hall
Runtime1 hour 40 minutes

1. Poor Paul

Poor Paul is an adventure comedy romance movie directed by Sean Michael Beyer.

It stars Adam Carbone, Nick Pasqual, and Abhi Sinha in the leading roles.

The movie follows the adventures of Paul (Adam Carbone) and his college-aged roommates, Justin (Abhi Sinha), who is annoyingly smart, and Clyde (Nick Pasqual), a neat freak and alcoholic.

Furthermore, Paul himself creates outrageous fantasies as a way to escape from the challenges of real life.

The movie has won awards at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival, the Gully International Film Festival, and the San Francisco International Film Awards.

If you want to watch the movie, you can find Poor Paul on Prime Video.

Poor Paul

IMDb ComedyAdventureRomance

Paul and his roommates go on a trip around the world, but they end up being held hostage by a crazy Italian man.

DirectorSean Michael Beyer
Release DateApril 25, 2023
CastAdam Carbone, Nick Pasqual, Abhi Sinha, Richard Riehle, Stephen O’Neil Martin, Courtney Danforth
WritersSean Michael Beyer, Adam Carbone
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