Tim Montgomerie broke silence on the mental illness he struggled and said, ‘I really did reach some dark places’

Tim Montgomerie said that he tried out counselling in various forms to pull himself out from mental illness but it didn't work out for him.


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A year back, while having an exclusive talk with a British politician, Peter Whittle, about Conservatism, Tim Montgomerie opened up about the mental health struggles he went through during the lockdown period.

According to Tim, he started living on his own after COVID-19 happened, and it turned out to be an extremely difficult phase for him. In this regard, he said, “I did really dark moments being on my own. When you’ve been through the tough times, you wonder what’s the point of it all….

Further elaborating, Tim Montgomerie stated with the experience of mental illness, he has fully understood the fragility that human possesses, and that led him to be willful to be there for people.

In the same interview, Tim also asked people who have been going through such a phase not to give up on their lives into such darkness. Even though one may not think that they ever can pass through such phases, they eventually will, and it’s the truth.

Medicine and Friendship helped Tim Montgomerie recover from mental illness

The blogger and activist Tim relied on the medicine to get through his dark phases. According to him, counseling didn’t work out for him, and eventually, it led him to go through medication.

He said the medicine ‘flattened him and also made him sort of feel slightly unenthusiastic about everything.’ So he realized that he didn’t want to depend on those medicines for a longer period, though it helped him to get through his illness. After a while, he finally managed to get off from it completely.

The other factor that helped Tim Montgomerie cope with his illness was his friendship with some good people. He particularly credited the late MP Sir David Amess for this and stated, “David rang me and said ‘how are you?’ “He pressed me and said, ‘I know you’re not well at the moment’…

Tim said David did his best to lift his spirits by telling jokes. Likewise, David also took a promise from Tim to call him whenever he got into dark places.

Additional Information

  • Tim Montgomerie, a political activist, blogger, and columnist, was born on July 24, 1970, in Barnstaple, Devon, England.
  • According to his Twitter bio, Tim is the founder of ConservativeHome, The Centre for Social Justice, The CCF, and UnHerd.
  • He is active on Twitter with 187.2k followers.
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