Thomas Sullivan’s Restaurant unaliving animals and causing roadkill might win the Best Story of the Year award on TikTok

Thomas Sullivan's story by Chance can not be proven as a truth until police release a real statement.


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One small town story about a restaurant owner, Thomas Sullivan, is getting hyped up on TikTok. The video has already reached 330K likes, 144K shares, 20.2K saves, and 7005 comments, making the TikTok video creator Chance well-known.

Initially, the creator, Chance, who went by the TikTok handle @yourchanceencounter, had maximum likes of around 1K to 12 K on his videos in which he shared his life experiences.

Chance had a unique way of telling amusing stories without even blinking his eyes.

Most of his videos seemed to have an ounce of truth and matched most of the fans’ real-life events.

However, his recent small-town drama about Thomas Sullivan had some serious allegations against the restaurant owner.

It seems many found the story amusing, so they even searched it on Google.

However, they returned with dismay as they did not find such a story covered by any major news outlets, leaving to say that this story seems entirely fictional.

According to Chance, Thomas Sullivan annihilated animals and made it seem like a roadkill

Chance, a TikTok user, has gathered some viewers into his account from the recent drama. His followers reached 24.2K, with overall video likes of around 835.7K as of June 26, 2024.

He is a 6-foot, 3-inch lad from the Southern United States. In his previous videos, he mentioned about suffering from ADHD.

Also, because of his height, Chance suffers from severe back pain, and all of his videos reflect his pole-tall height.

He seems to be touching his popcorn ceiling, making many assume that he is standing on a tool.

Now, Chance is again garnering attention from his story video, which goes like “What is your small town drama like. I’ll go first” and starts the truth part.

According to the creator, there is a local restaurant run by the owner, Thomas Sullivan, in his area who has been unaliving animals, using their bodies to stuff ground human remains and throwing them by the only highway to seem like roadkill after sewing them up.

The influx of roadkill made people suspicious, so they informed the local police department to investigate. The investigation eventually revealed the truth behind the animal bodies.

He also said that Thomas Sullivan was working with three women and six men, who are nowhere to be found now.

Chance’s story seems very weighty, as the claims are huge. Many are praising the creator’s imagination and the photo being AI-generated, while some say it is a small-town drama, so no one has covered it.

Some also say that people found roadkill suspicious but did not find fault in missing persons.

For now, it has become one of the best stories on TikTok, giving Chance the fame he did not anticipate.

Additional Information

  • The TikTok creator Chance is a 22-year-old boy who has not revealed his social media handles on other platforms.
  • He seems to promote GoFundMe pages through his TikTok channel. He is currently helping raise funds to save a family from the war in Gaza.
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