Tamayo Perry recently celebrated an eternity promise with his wife, Emilia Perry, and went through the loss of his mother

Tamayo Perry and his wife Emilia never mentioned about having a children, so probably they did not have one.


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The well-known North Shore professional surfer Tamayo Perry is no more as he passed away on June 23, 2024, after falling victim to a shark attack while surfing off Goat Island with bites over his body.

This was a huge shock for his family, especially his wife, Emilia Perry, who had been his surfing partner and partner for life, having been married for over 22 years.

Tamayo Perry married his wife Emilia Perry on December 31, 2001, after knowing each other for three years.

They initially met in Hawaii when Emilia was just 17 and was sent for a trip as she is also a surfer who started her adventure at age 13.

Emilia Perry is a 43-year-old true water girl born in Australia on May 24, 1981. She is famous as a professional bodyboarder who also excels in longboards and shortboards and is a mermaid model.

She and Tamayo were teaching surfing while keeping safety the major factor, given that Perry once had a near-fatal experience because of someone else’s lack of awareness.

Tamayo did not want others’ lives to be in danger and tried to instill proper surf etiquette while he himself became a victim of a surfing accident.

Tamayo Perry had recently lost his mother, Kai, in April 2022

Pipeline’s single most dominant surfer, Tamayo Perry, was 49 years old and born on April 16, 1975, to parents mother Kai and father Thomas, whom he had rarely mentioned.

He was a devout Christian from the East Side of Oahu but later shifted to the north shore to make his career as a professional surfer.

Tamayo called himself a mama’s boy and took inspiration from his father, whom he called waterman. If not for Thomas, Tamayo would never have been into surfing.

Sadly, just a week into April 2022, Tamayo lost his mother, Kai, and gave her a heartfelt tribute, calling her one of the most beautiful and caring souls.

Kai was the one who taught her children to believe in His Holy World and follow Jesus. However, Tamayo did not mention the cause of death.

Nevertheless, Tamayo said he learned how to have compassion, concern & love from his mother.

Everyone knew Tamayo as one of the most prominent Pipeline surfers, famous for his smile and casual poise during battles with large waves.

However, he transitioned from a professional surfer to a lifeguard during his latter years.

Even on the day of the accident, Tamayo was taking a break from his lifeguard duties and enjoying the waves when tragedy struck the surfer.

May Tamayo Perry’s gentle soul rest in peace. We at Superslice send our regards to his wife and family.

Additional Information

  • Tamayo Perry had credits in Hollywood, working on movies like Blue Crush, Hawaii Five-0, The Bridge, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.
  • He also appeared in various surf videos, including Revelation, The Bomb, All Aboard, and Loaded Pipe.
  • Tamayo started surfing at age 12 and used to devote himself to Jesus. When asked about the last books he read, it was The End: 50 Reasons Why Jesus Christ Could Return Before the Year 2000 and The Bible.
  • Tamayo Perry had an accumulated net worth of almost $1.5 million. However, official evaluation has yet to be done.
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