Streamer Sketch had a relationship with a man, which prompted gay and femboy rumors!

Sketch did not expect the rumors to circulate like a wildfire, so he came live on July 8, 2024, a day after it broke out on Twitter and YouTube.


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Sketch, the streamer famous for his ‘What’s up, brother!’ catchphrase, has created another controversy related to his sexuality and having an account in the adult content world (O*) two years ago, which he exposed on Twitch during live streaming.

2024 has been a rollercoaster for the streamer as before the revelation; he was already under public scrutiny for faking his disability when he had denied the allegations at the time, too.

Now, Sketch accepts that he was in a physical relationship with the man, saying, “So, two years ago, I did not have sexual relations with that man. I am just kidding; I did, possibly,” many have said he is gay.

Fans are also saying that he worked as a gay model for an O* account and that the man in the viral video was Sketch, which he accepted publicly.

Along with the acceptance stemmed the rumors that Sketch is also a femboy (a guy with feminine characteristics) after his superhero bikini photo circulated on Twitter.

However, many famous streamers are saying the image might be AI-generated, so its credibility remains uncertain.

Sketch streamer consented to having addictions and having accounts in the past but has now changed

With the uproar created by the leaked photos and videos of Sketch, real name Kylie Cox, many famous names have come forward to show their support for the bravery shown by the streamer.

In the live Twitch stream, Sketch accepted all of the allegations against him regarding the O* gay model, but he also highlighted that it was all two years ago.

At the time, Sketch was suffering from a couple of addictions, which he did not open up further, but one should consider his words that he has changed himself and is serious about not doing it again.

Sketch did everything he did before joining online streaming in 2023 because he was alone and going through some dark and rough times.

Meanwhile, in the video, he thanks his family, parents, and friends, who stayed with him through this time.

To support his words, YouTubers with millions of followers like Faze Rug, Faze Banks, New York Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner, and businessman Mike Mejak came forward on Twitter, explaining they support Sketch despite his revelation.

Further, it seems the entire scenario turned out well for Sketch. He even mentioned that a weight had been lifted off his shoulder, as he had been living under the threat of the past coming out for the last two years.

If he copes with the recent allegations, there is a high chance there will be more supporters than anti-fans blaming Sketch for his immoral activity.

Additional Information

  • A YouTuber named Pocketbook was the first to release a video about Sketch using the name Jamie Mar as an alias for his explicit content account on July 7, 2024.
  • Sketch streamer had not accepted if he is gay as he was aware of his words even when he said he loved his brother Jynxzi, a gaming collaborator, ‘but not in that way,’ during the video so that people do not misinterpret his words.
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