Australian boxer Sam Goodman is waiting to win world titles after becoming WBO’s top contender

Sam Goodman choose a boxing career due to his father, Steve Goodman.


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Australian boxer Sam Goodman has marked his name in Australian combat sports by winning various boxing titles at an early age.

Sam Goodman was 12 years old when he won his first national title in boxing. After that, he went on to play in both national and international games.

The 25-year-old boxer Sam Goodman has now become one of the top contenders in the International Boxing Federation (IBF) and World Boxing Organization (WBO).

Moreover, through his years of hard work and dedication, Goodman proved those who said boxing was not his cup of tea wrong.

He has established himself as the world’s best 122-pounder and is now waiting for the world champion title.

Sam Goodman Stats in Numbers

Total Fights 18
Total Wins18
Knock Out Wins8
Knockout Percentage44.44%

Sam Goodman says his father told him to join boxing after he could not do well in rugby

Like most people, Sam Goodman did not have a dream of becoming a boxer when he was a child.

Sam Goodman was born into a family where his father, Steve Goodman, was an Australian professional rugby player.

At first, he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and join rugby. Goodman joined the local PCYC Sutherland Club and started playing rugby at age 10, and it did not take him long to catch on.

However, after injuring his arms, his father suggested he try boxing.

After two years in boxing, he won the national title, which encouraged him to keep working in boxing. As he stated, “There was no looking back. It was this or bust.

Similalry, his breakthrough came in around 2021, after he won his first regional championship.

The victory made him feel like it was the start of his new journey. In 2017, he qualified for the World Championships.

However, he became a pro after defeating Fumiya Fuse and Juan Miguel consecutively in May and July.

Moreover, after watching his fight, Johnny Lewis, an Iconic Australian trainer who mentored six world champions, also said Sam Goodman is the fittest fighter he has ever seen.

However, even after all this success, Goodman is not satisfied yet. He says his main goal is to win world titles as a pro. He said, “That was always my dream, to get my name up in lights.

Recently, in an interview with FOX News, he said that he has all the tools required to dethrone the current king of the super bantamweight, Naoya Inoue.

Additional Information

  • Sam Goodman was born to Australian parents in 1999 in Albion Park, New South Wales, Australia.
  • Goodman used to drive thousands of miles from his home, which was almost a two-hour drive each way, to train with respected mentor Joel Keegan.
  • According to a social media post, Sam Goodman’s mother handed 600 tickets to family and friends to watch her son’s fight battle.
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