Sam and Nia did not divorce even after the huge cheating scandal

Sam and Nia have written a book where they share how they repaired their relationship, which almost ended.


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After the sensitive data of the no.1 married dating app Ashley Madison was revealed to the public, many famous personalities’ family lives got destroyed, including Sam and Nia, who even triggered divorce rumors.

In the revealed data, famous Youtuber Sam was also listed, suggesting he was having an affair even after being married to his wife, Nia.

According to their Wikipedia, Sam signed up for an account on Ashley Madison before the couple started vlogging on their YouTube channel, Sam and Nia.

Sam and Nia have over 2.5 Million followers on their Youtube channel.

Sam and Nia were very happy couples living most people’s dream family life. Their family videos gained millions of views, and they became an ideal couple.

However, after people found out Sam was having an affair on dating apps, fans started criticizing him along with Nia.

The leak of his private information from Ashley Madison dating apps turned his life upside down.

However, even though Nia was completely shattered by his affairs, she thought giving her marriage one more chance was better than getting a divorce.

Sam and Nia worked hard on their marriage by not getting a divorce, and now they are living a happy life with four children.

Nia Radder says, “It’s worth fighting to fix your marriage”

Sam and Nia have been together for over two decades since they first met at Wills Point High School in Wills Point, Texas. They tied the knot on September 12, 2009, after dating for almost 5 years.

Throughout the years, there have been various ups and downs in their relations, but the couple worked it out together.

However, 2015 was the worst year of their life. Sam and Nia had just suffered the tragic loss of their child in a miscarriage, and before they could overcome the loss, Sam’s affairs became public in the media.

The miscarriage had taken place just 3 days after the couple happily announced their pregnancy on Youtube. The announcement video, “HUSBAND SHOCKS WIFE WITH PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT,” reached 5 million views in two days.

However, after the miscarriage, many started doubting the announcement, as some claimed Sam and Nia were faking pregnancy. However, the couple completely denied the claims.

Moreover, the news of Sam cheating on Nia fueled fans, and consequently, they became an awful couple in their eyes.

Two days later, the couple released a video in which Sam publicly apologized to his wife and fans for having an account on Ashley Madison.

Sam also revealed that they were not having a breakup or separation, as Nia had forgiven him.

Nia says, “Life is messy and ugly, and we’ve made mistakes, and we’ve done things, but there’s still hope out there.

Therefore, rather than ending a decades-long marriage by parting children from their father, Nia gave her marriage one more chance. Now, she says, “I believe that marriages can be healed. It’s worth fighting to fix your marriage.

Additional Information

  • Sam and Nia have four children: Symphony Pearl Rader, 13; Abram Samuel, 10; Juliet Elizabeth, 8; and Josie Grace, 2.
  • In February 2017, Digital Spy listed Sam and Nia as number 6 of 7 of YouTube’s most shocking scandals, whereas in the same year, The Verge claimed that Sam caused the five biggest YouTube scandals of all time.
  • The Netflix docuseries Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies & Scandal, filled with tears, confessions, and betrayal released on 15 May 2024.
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