Nora Canales is devastated by the demise of her beloved husband, Johnny Canales

Nora and Johnny Canales tied their knot on 1995.


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Johnny Canales, a legendary Mexican Tejano singer and show host, passed away on June 12, 2024, at the age of 77, leaving his young wife, Nora Canales, and family in immense sorrow.

Nora Canales shared the news of Johnny’s demise in a Facebook post on Thursday, June 13.

She didn’t reveal the actual cause of his demise but stated that Johnny was a great musician, husband, father, and beacon of hope and joy for countless people.

Nora and Johnny Canales were happily married for over 28 years and lived an adventurous life until the end.

Although Nora Canales seems to be in her late 40s and significantly younger than Johnny, the couple shared immense love and bond despite their age gap.

Furthermore, Nora and Johnny collaborated in the entertainment industry as TV hosts.

Nora Canales and Johnny Canales founded their own show in 2010

Johnny and Nora Canales not only shared a great marital relationship but also worked together professionally.

Together, the couple hosted their show, El Show de Johnny y Nora Canales, which presented regional Mexican, Northern, Tejana, and Cumba music that initially aired in Corpus Christi and Laredo.

In 2013, Televisa Mexico picked up the show and showed it worldwide through satellite, but maintaining the production schedule was difficult due to a demanding live appearance schedule and extensive travel.

The show lasted for three years. Nora and Johnny Canales began live streaming on Facebook every Sunday, after the end of the show.

Moreover, in 2022, Nora and Johnny made a YouTube video to collect donations to their GoFundMe to bring back the popular show to protect and promote their cultural and musical heritage.

Before their famous show, Nora and Johnny built their own studio, which, due to Johnny’s worsening health condition, could not be operated.

In the rough days of her husband, Nora played a significant role as a devoted wife and chose her husband over the show.

Nora Canales constantly supported Johnny through all the good and bad days in his career and personal life till his last breath.

Additional Information

  • Nora Canales attended Eagle Pass High School and worked at J.L.B.Y Company.
  • Nora and Johnny Canales have two daughters named Seleste and Miroslava Canales.
  • Canales actively shares her videos on El Show de Johny y Nora Canales’s Facebook page, which has around 99k followers.
  • Nora celebrates her birthday on September 2.
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