NBA legend Jerry West knew his health was deteriorating but never revealed he was sick, except for his childhood depression!

Jerry West was once hospitalized for treatment of nervous fatigue, as he thought that every loss was his fault even if he gave his best or not.


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The world grieves the loss of NBA legend Jerry West, who followed icon Bill Walton within 16 days. On June 12, 2024, the LA Clippers announced the news, saying Jerry West passed away peacefully with his wife, Karen Bua West, by his side.

The actual cause of death of Jerry West has not been revealed, but everyone believes his age took a toll on him as ‘The Logo’ recently had his 86th birthday on May 28.

Everyone named West ‘The Logo’ after his silhouette during a Lakers game inspired the NBA logo in 1969, Mr. Clutch for his ability to make a big play in a clutch situation, and Mr. Outside for his perimeter play with the LA Lakers.

Meanwhile, many remember Jerry West as a living legend and perfectionist who would self-criticize his failures and spend days dwelling on the losses he encountered as he suffered from severe depression.

This was an effect West had due to his childhood trauma from his abusive father, and he had thoughts of killing himself when his elder brother, David, died during the Korean War.

Nevertheless, the legend worked on himself, tried therapies, and succeeded in overcoming his anxiety and depression problems.

He even started being a mental health advocate, yet the NBA MVP left the world, leaving behind his wife, Karen, and five children.

Jerry West had his nose broken nine times and suffered from knee, ankle, and hamstring problem

The late Memphis Grizzlies coach, Jerry West, born Jerome Alan West, was born to his parents’ father, Howard Stewart, and mother, Cecil Sue, in Chelyan, West Virginia.

He grew up in a poor household with his other five siblings, where his abusive coal mine electrician father would beat his children. This eventually led West to have anger issues and become aggressive.

As a child, West was fragile and had to take vitamin injections. His parents also kept him away from sports to prevent getting serious injuries.

Yet, West enjoyed shooting baskets at a neighbor’s basketball hoop. This eventually led him to join West Virginia University and get drafted for the NBA in 1960 by the Minneapolis Lakers, now the LA Lakers.

While West was trying to enjoy his NBA career, losses followed as eight of the nine matches he played in the NBA finals during the 1960s recorded loss.

He also suffered from nose injuries, two times caused by the formidable opponent Willis Reed. However, his dedication was evident, as he still played despite the pain while breathing from his mouth.

Jerry West also suffered from broken hands, pulled muscles, and knee injuries, similar to any other legendary player like Bill Walton, but was never sick or had major health issues.

The only significant issue for West was his anxiety problem and silent nature, which his wife Karen also mentioned during an interview, saying, “He wouldn’t speak for days at a time … It worried me.

Karen Bua is Jerry West’s second wife, whom he married in 1978. Before Karen, he married Martha Jane Kane but divorced in 1976.

The couple was staying with their family between La Quinta, California, and Hayward, San Francisco, when the news about Jerry West broke out, and Karen said he passed away peacefully.

May Jerry West’s gentle soul rest in peace. We at Superslice send our regards to his wife and family.

Additional Information

  • Jerry West shared his lifelong battle with depression in a memoir titled ‘West by West: My Charmed, Tormented Life’, which became a New York Times best-selling in 2011.
  • He shared three children, David, Mark, and Michael, with Martha, his first wife, and two, Ryan and Jonnie, with Karen, his current wife.
  • Jerry West began working as an executive board member and consultant at the LA Clippers on June 14, 2017, and continued until his last breath.
  • The late Lakers general manager Jerry West accumulated a net worth of $50 million till 2024, all from his career endeavors. Still, it does not include any royalties for the NBA logo because the league never accepted that he was the one on it.
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