Mecca Rayne, who is leaving KOCO after serving 10 years, says, ‘You made me feel home away from home’

Mecca Rayne recalls every special memory and gets emotional while saying goodbye to the KOCO family.


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KOCO 5 News co-anchor Mecca Rayne is leaving the network after serving for exactly nine and half years.

Many people who grew up watching her news seemed sad by her sudden departure. They have sent lots of love and wish her a good life and a bright future.

Mecca Rayne first joined KOCO-TV in Oklahoma, United States, in early 2015 as a co-anchor of the weekend show.

As Mecca served in the KOCO for almost a decade, she has been there during the ups and downs, and they have worked it out together as a family.

Therefore, as Mecca is now saying goodbye to all the KOCO family and its viewers, she emotionally writes, “You made me feel home away from home.

Meteorologist Sabrina Bates says to Mecca, ‘Weekends will not be the same without you

Sabrina Bates, a weekend meteorologist for KOCO 5 First Alert, has been working with Mecca for a long time, anchoring and hosting shows together.

In Mecca’s goodbye post, uploaded on Facebook on May 27, 2024, meteorologist Sabrina commented, “Mecca, weekends will not be the same without you!! You have brought so much to Oklahoma & to KOCO – you will truly be so missed! Here’s to one last weekend show together ❤️

There were floods of comments on her post from her colleagues, friends, family, and viewers sharing their experiences working with her or watching her news.

Many wished her good luck for the bright future ahead and said she would be missed forever.

Through the Facebook post, Mecca shared that KOCO treated her like a family, and everyone there treated her like a sister, daughter, and cousin.

She also shares that when she went outside, many local people waved at her like they were family.

While remembering the memories since she first joined the network, from meeting colleagues to the last days of her work, she writes, “Y’all make saying goodbye incredibly hard, and I’m definitely a crier!

Despite her leaving the network, no news is provided clarifying the reason for her departure. Even in the long goodbye post, Mecca did not mention why she was leaving KOCO-TV.

There are chances she was offered by another network or is doing something independently. As one of the fans commented, “I wish you the best of luck on your next adventure.

Or, as Mecca is the mother of two children, she might have decided to focus on her family; however, it is just the viewer’s speculation.

Additional Information

  • Mecca Rayne grew up in North Texas; however, due to her work, she later moved to Oklahoma, where she lives with her husband, Kenny Brooks, and two children: a son, Kye, and a daughter, Disney Joy.
  • In 2021, Mecca took 10 months’ leave from her work due to her Hyperemesis Gravidarum diagnosis, which is a rare pregnancy condition. Her mother, Gina Scott, reported she was very weak due to the sickness and could not stand without vomiting.
  • During her almost decade-long career at KOCO, Mecca Rayne earned approximately $50,000+ salary annually, and she might have around $2 million in net worth in 2024. Before joining KOCO-TV, she worked for KKTV 11 News in Colorado Springs, CO.
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