Lil Scoom, a Chicago drill rapper, was supposedly single as he never revealed having a girlfriend when alive

Lil Scoom preferred to keep his personal life away from public eye.


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18-year-old Chicago rapper Asyrion Hogan, well known as Lil Scoom, passed away on the night of July 7, 2024, in a firearm incident, leaving his family and loved ones shattered.

It was reported that Lil Scoom was found on the ground on 89th & Langley after the incident with 2 firearm wounds to the chest.

Lil Scoom was further taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center, where he was declared deceased.

According to the Chicago Police Department, Lil Scoom and his friend Lil Will were together when they got into an argument with an unknown male, which led to the tragic incident.

Furthermore, the case investigation is ongoing, and suspects of the incident are not in custody.

Some of his close friends also shared heartfelt stories on their social media handles, expressing their sorrow.

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The tragic demise of Lil Scoom has made people search for more information about his family and love life, but as Lil Scoom preferred to live a private life, very little information about his family and personal life is available.

Lil Scoom’s mother revealed he did not feel right before the tragic event took place

Lil Scoom’s mother shared a post stating that she talked with him 11 minutes before his demise.

During the conversation between the mother and son, Scoom said that he wasn’t feeling right.

Furthemore, Lil Scoom’s mother stated, “everyone not your friend, everybody not happy for you.

She also posted, “None of his cousins or the people you all saw my baby with did anything. It was people who called brotherhood a block he trusted that didn’t trust process.

Moreover, she also shared a post by Lil Scoom, which stated, “Set me up, we all dying.

Lil Scoom was a generous person and loved by his close ones; his best friend’s mother, Shaquita Deere, has also shared a heartfelt post about Scoom regarding him as her son.

People are sharing their condolences to his family, friends, and loved ones.

Additional Information

  • Lil Scoom’s YouTube channel has around 10.4k subscribers and 42 videos.
  • Scoom released his last official music video, Running with Gravediggers, featuring Bloodhound Lil Jeff and Nolimiy Faro, on June 29, 2024.
  • Some of the popular songs of Lil Scoom are Button Land, Count Me Out, and I’m Back.
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