Lexi Weinbaum has become a Victim advocate all because of the horrific events that happened during her teenage

Lexi Weinbaum is trying her best to move forward. She has started to work on her new book.


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Alexa Weinbaum, aka Lexi, is a 24-year-old TikTok creator who has founded an organization called Sound of Survivors to raise voices against the abuse that anyone may suffer, as Lexi recalls what happened to her in 2015.

Lexi went through physical and emotional violence in her teenage, at 13, when her first boyfriend, John, started abusing her, and none of the adults listened to her voice.

John led Lexi to befriend a girl named Saddie, her school friend. Then, Saddie invited Lexi to meet Steve, Andy, and Emily, the so-called best friends.

They were the attackers who drugged Lexi Weinbaum and laughed at her while recording videos for Snapchat on December 12, 2015. She felt practically paralyzed and was having seizures.

Lexi recalls that she survived the night only because a neighbor called 911, and everyone rushed her to the hospital for treatment.

The further stories are in a podcast titled What Came Next [Alexa Weinbaum—TikTok] Take Your Power Back. In it, she talks about overcoming adversity and getting her life back on track.

Lexi Weinbaum‘s life was not easy after the incident, as she suffered another life-threatening accident in 2021

Alexa Weinbaum, aka Lexi, was born in Connecticut on November 25, 1999, to Christian parents who believed in their daughter and made her into who she is today.

She finished middle school at 13, high school at 16, and recently graduated in December 2023 from Sacred Heart University with a BS in psychology.

However, her journey had its share of ups and downs. Lexi always called herself a horseback rider and started riding at 5.

But she had to take retirement from it on July 6, 2021, after her horse took off a fence and flipped, causing her to suffer from shattered bone, lung contusions, pulmonary embolism, and bruised ribs, pelvis, and head.

Lexi recalls that the day would have become her death anniversary if it were not for her helmet.

Prior to the accident in 2021, Lexi suffered from an eating disorder, anxiety, and depression following the 2015 incident.

She was receiving intensive treatment for her relapsed eating disorder and OCD in 2020.

Lexi feels that the abuse incident has left a lifetime imprint on her life as she has yet to get justice. Her words followed,Every day I have to remember the feeling of never getting justice.….If someone had listened to me at 13 when I needed them to, none of this would have went on to happen.

The well-known social media influencer has now gained popularity as a “Victim advocate” since 2023.

Lexi has also founded Sound of Survivors, a project that aims to help violent crime victims regain their power, since February 2024.

Additional Information

  • Lexi Weinbaum has two younger sisters and one older brother, whose names and further details remain private, similar to those of her parents.
  • She is a Divison I Collegiate runner and athlete from Connecticut.
  • Lexi Weinbaum is currently dating Joe, who often appears in her videos and posts.
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